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RS3 Advertising and Incense Burner Lighting Guide

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RS3 Advertising and Burner Lighting Guide

Promoted by "Altar" Friends Chat




Unsure of how advertising and/or incense burner lighting a4UnZDJ.png work(s)? Worry no more, as we are here to help guide you through the process.


Hosting Location


World: 31

Location: Taverley


Additional Information


For additional assistance with anything Prayer 33b3Z5d.png or hosting related, feel free to join any of the following:

  • "Altar" Friends Chat in-game.
  • Altar Community Discord: Here you can find open hosts, or even become an open host yourself. Our hosts are verified based on stmveyy.png Construction level, so you can feel at ease knowing they have a Gilded altar 6VYwK35.png. Click the image below to join Altar Community Discord via a web browser or the Discord application:




The sections mentioned below will help you in anything that you are unsure of. To quickly access any content, click their respective title in the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents:

  1. 33b3Z5d.png How to Join "Altar" Friends Chat
  2. Se6eC4Q.png Discord: House Host Tracker
  3. 33b3Z5d.png How to Travel to Taverley
  4. lsVPe8p.png How Advertising Works
  5. lsVPe8p.png How to Request an Advertiser
  6. lsVPe8p.png How to Become an Advertiser
  7. a4UnZDJ.png How Incense Burner Lighting Works



1. 33b3Z5d.png How to Join "Altar" Friends Chat


Note: Before following the steps below, remember to ensure that your "Friends" or "Friends Chat" is turned "On". You may need to do that for both interface modes if you occasionally use one or the other.


Legacy Interface Mode:




EOC Interface Mode (wide chat box):




EOC Interface Mode (narrow chat box):




If you would like to join our community, follow these steps:


Step 1: If you are using the EOC interface, hover your mouse cursor over the Community button on the Ribbon bar. Once you have done that, click the "Friends Chat List" tab.




Step 2: Click the icon at the bottom left of the interface.




Step 3: Type in the name of the Friends Chat. In this case, type: Altar




Step 4: You have now joined our community chat! To talk, you can either click the Friends tab and talk directly from there, or put a forward slash at the start of each sentence that you type. E.g. /Hi everyone!




2. Se6eC4Q.png Discord: House Host Tracker


We have a House Host Tracker that allows us to add and remove open hosts on the host list. This list is shown in a table format on our Portal page, Forums page, and on Altar Community Discord. The tracker has Discord commands associated with it.


See my House Host Tracker Guide for more information on the Discord commands.




3. 7OpUO82.png How to Travel to Taverley


(Recommended) Method 1: Teleport to Your House


  • If you do not have a house, purchase one from an Estate Agent for 1,000 coins. Once you have purchased one, ask them to move it to Taverley for 5,000 coins.
  • If you have a house, but it is not in Taverley, ask an Estate Agent to move it there for 5,000 coins.

Estate Agents are found:

  • East of Varrock Palace.
  • Falador, north of the White Knights' Castle.
  • Seers' Village, north-east of the bank.
  • East Ardougne, south-west of the marketplace.
  • Prifddinas, south-east corner of the Ithell district.

Once you have a house in Taverley, you can either use Teleport to House tablets 6YHtdUe.png, Abyssal Links (Level 112 jJmRAxT.png Archaeology), or Master Constructor's Outfit to quickly teleport to Taverley:

  • Teleport to House tablets 6YHtdUe.png: Allow you to teleport to your house. You can purchase these from the Grand Exchange in Varrock or Prifddinas. If you have completed the Love Story quest, you can modify Teleport to House tablets 6YHtdUe.png to Taverley by right clicking the tablet, and then clicking the "Modify" option. Once you have done that, click the  "Taverley" option.
  • Abyssal Links: Allow you to use the Teleport to House spell an infinite amount of times without requiring runes, or gaining Magic XP WMZBwn6.png. It costs 5,000 chronotes JUR7Fet.png to activate, and uses 250 monolith energy oyX8eiy.png.
  • Master Constructor's Outfit:  Allows you to teleport to your house an infinite amount of times. Each outfit piece can be bought from the Estate Agents Shop for 250 contract credits each, for a total of 1,250 credits. Obtaining each Master constructor outfit piece takes 50 contracts using Mahogany planks 4w64qz5.png, 84 contracts with Teak planks llcwhFQ.png, 125 contracts with Oak planks WBsuDl5.png, and 250 contracts with Planks VgoD0fm.png.




While using Abyssal Links or Teleport to House tablet 6YHtdUe.png, It is recommended to teleport outside the House Portal to gain more XP per hour. To do that, follow these steps:


Step 1: Click "Settings".


Legacy Interface Mode:




EOC Interface Mode:






Step 2: Click the "Skills & Experience" collapsible menu under the "Gameplay" tab.


Step 3: Click the "Construction" option.


Step 4: Select the "Portal" option in the "Teleport arrival location" dropdown menu.




Method 2: Teleport to Taverley Lodestone


You can use the Lodestone Network to quickly teleport to Taverley. If you have not yet unlocked the Taverley Lodestone, teleport to Burthorpe using the Burthorpe Lodestone, and then run due south. Once you get to the Taverley Lodestone, click it to activate it.


Taverley Lodestone:




Once you have activated the Taverley Lodestone, right click the U0ug4cF.png button near your minimap, and then click the "Taverley" option.


EOC Interface Mode (this may change based on your layout):




Alternatively, you can left click U0ug4cF.png button near your minimap to open the Lodestone Network interface. While the interface is open, you can either click the Taverley Lodestone, or press the "T" key.




It is recommended that you purchase Vis wax lKDIrZt.png from the Grand Exchange to convert them to quick-teleports. One vis wax lKDIrZt.png can be converted to 10 quick-teleport charges, up to a maximum of 4,000 quick-teleports. These quick-teleports allow you to teleport to the Taverley Lodestone at a faster rate. 


Vis wax lKDIrZt.png conversion interface:





4. NsTUu3T.png How Advertising Works


Advertisers are players that provide hosts with advertisements so that players training Prayer 33b3Z5d.png know which house to go to. All advertisers generally use auto typing software which is against the Rules of RuneScape. So caution is advised if you are becoming an advertiser. Hand typing the advertisement is preferred, but it is entirely your choice. You can use auto typing software if you want, but bear in mind that we are not held responsible for any mutes or bans that are applied to your account.


You may offer to advertise for a host every 3 minutes in "Altar" Friends Chat unless you found a host to advertise for. Avoid spamming outside the House Portal Q7F4UHj.png excessively, or you may risk a mute or ban to your account. Not to mention that constant spam can annoy other players.


There are two types of advertisers:

  • House Host Tracker Advertisers: Provide free advertisements for hosts. They advertise outside the House Portal Q7F4UHj.png. Their program updates the host list automatically within 30 seconds to ensure that they are always advertising the correct hosts.
  • Private Advertisers: Require payment per hour to provide advertisements for hosts. It is generally good practice for them to accept their payment from hosts after they have advertised the correct number of hours. But if they insist on an early payment, it is recommended to set up a deal with the host, where half is paid up front and half later.

While advertising, feel free to mention "Altar" Friends Chat to those outside the House Portal Q7F4UHj.png.




5. NsTUu3T.png How to Request an Advertiser


Note: Please refrain from tagging advertisers multiple times in a short period of time as they are not always available at the moment of tagging.


If you are looking for a house host tracker advertiser, you can tag @HHT Advertiser RS3 in the #advertisers channel on Altar Community Discord. If you are looking for a private advertiser however, tag @RS3 Adverter instead.




6. NsTUu3T.png How to Become an Advertiser


If you are interested in becoming a house host tracker advertiser, you must be a rank in "Altar" Friends Chat. If you are interested in becoming a private advertiser however, you can grab an @RS3 Adverter role in the #roles channel on Altar Community Discord.


See my Altar FC Ranking System & Rank Moderation Techniques Guide for more information on how to become a rank in "Altar" Friends Chat.



7. a4UnZDJ.png How Incense Burner Lighting Works


How Incense Burners a4UnZDJ.png Work


To light them, the following is required:

  • Level 30 T5YBWwb.png Firemaking.
  • A Tinderbox ABia65I.png.
  • Clean marrentills OTdf8Ge.png. You can purchase these from the Grand Exchange in Varrock or Prifddinas.

Each lit incense burner a4UnZDJ.png provides 50% bonus XP, and they last 2 minutes 10 seconds. You have the option to relight them beforehand, so try your best to keep them lit so that the host's guests do not lose XP. Some hosts may not provide you with Clean marrentills OTdf8Ge.png, so you should bring a lot if you are planning on lighting incense burners a4UnZDJ.png for a long time. You will use up at least 60 Clean marrentills OTdf8Ge.png per hour.


Starting Off


You may offer to light incense burners a4UnZDJ.png for a host every 3 minutes in "Altar" Friends Chat unless you found a host to light incense burners a4UnZDJ.png for. If your host allows it, feel free to mention "Altar" Friends Chat every now and then to their guests. The payment you receive from hosts for lighting incense burners a4UnZDJ.png varies, depending on how generous the host is.



  • Pay attention to the incense burner a4UnZDJ.png as best as you can. It helps to have a countdown timer to relight the incense burner a4UnZDJ.png so that it never becomes unlit.
  • Please refrain from asking or begging for donations N7UyGI5.gif, as guests generally find it annoying and disruptive.
  • It helps to be nice to everyone that are currently training Prayer 33b3Z5d.png in the house so that no drama can arise. Not to mention that you may even have a good time and make more friends.


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