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07 Altar CC Application ~ [Recruit] - Reel Heel

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  • Your display name:
    Reel Heel (im) / NoPurpleTan (currently: InferNOc0dy)
  • How did you discover the 07 Altar Community?
    when I first got membs I found this cc on google and pretty much never left since it was the first non toxic cc I was in
  • Have you read/followed the Global Rules?
  • Have you been active in 07 Altar Community for 2+ weeks?
  • What is your Forum Account creation date?
  • Have you posted constructive feedback on another player's forum application?
  • What is your Content Count?
  • Have you joined Altar Community Discord?
  • What is your Altar Community Server Discord Join Date?
  • Have you Acquired at least 2 Hours of Voice Chat or 25 Text Messages within the last 90 Days in the Altar Server Discord?
    yes (55 messages and 12 hours)
  • Have you used and understood the House Host Tracker and its' functions?
  • What is the command that allows you to become a verified host for the House Host Tracker?
  • What is one of the commands to unhost an unverified host from the House Host Tracker?
    !auh rsn
  • Have you been recommended to apply by another rank?
  • What interested you in wanting to become an 07 Altar Recruit?
    Im pretty active in the cc and have become more comfortable in the disc too, and i really enjoy being in 07 altar and want to help and give back by becoming a rank and giving support
  • Do you have any additional feedback you'd like to share about your experiences in the community?
    I really enjoy the community we have here, like on the cc you come on and see another dude and be like yeah so how was last night and its just really enjoyable
  • Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?
    Tanveeer always bullies me :'(
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Easy +1. He's been with us for quite some time, and is pretty active in chat. I hope to see him become more active on discord and be familiar with the tracker. Keep it up!

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Reel has been around for a good amount of time and is always positive. They have done well in defusing toxic situations and they aren’t afraid to get support from other moderators when needed. I would like to see a bit more activity in cc and discord, however I give them a +1



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I like Reel.


He's been around for a while, he's been on discord pretty actively with us raiding, etc and he's always being helpful and friendly. I can't think of anything toxic he has ever said or done tbh.


+1 for Reel. He's the ReelDeel.

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+1 for Reel, he's been very active in the cc and discord.  I think he's a great guy to be around I would like to see him as a rank!

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