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Hi Doink, I can start a bit to hopefully get the ball rolling around here.


Not really anything I need to get off my chest but will just say all the frustrations around Covid really sucks when it comes to finding work right now. It just sucks how much work you can put into yourself and your career and then it all be put on pause due to something out of your control like Covid-19. I was working for a company for 5 years, left it for a new opportunity and then got furloughed 2 weeks into starting that job... 3 months later got laid off and now looking for a new job. I know I'm one of many in the jobless situation out there and I'm probably in a much better situation than others are but still just want to say how much Covid-19 sucks.


Having said that, let's hope things get better soon than later at least in the job market for everyone's sake. My take on all this is, as much as it sucks, we just have to keep looking at the bright side; small or big, there's always a bright side to things.


Days wise, honestly right now it's just filled with applying for jobs.. playing some Runescape/Destiny 2/Fortnite.. Netflix.. spending time with my wife and then sleep. Oh also food somewhere in there and an occasional workout hah. Very repetitive, I think that's why I'm eager to just get back to working sooner than later.. tired of just being home all day.

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Thanks for sharing Shuuby Doo,

  It's, of course, one of the most trying times people have encountered thus far. That said, it's also a time I can say is beneficial as much as it is the opposing. It's a good moment to spend good, quality, wonderful time with your family. Get back to the bearings of an all-inclusive house hold. I can share the sentiments on employment, as I too, have encountered the same issue. Thankfully, it was my job lost instead of my life. Every day awake is a blessing, and I'm glad that your take-away was that others may have it worse but there is always a bright side. The one thing I hope you remember is that, yes, while this is troublesome and can make you stir crazy... it is only finite. The only thing infinite is death. In regards to saying that I mean that everything will end, the good days will be back. 

  I appreciate you taking the time out to come and speak how you feel, and I hope it encourages others to do the same.
    My warmest regards, 

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I needed a place to vent, bah. I think I’m having an okay day other than my fees are due for school Monday and I’m $100 short thanks to an unexpected expense...so I’m kind of trying to grind work on the last day before cut-off to get dollars in (I’m not paid per hour). 


I really feel bad that I blew through a bunch of my savings this summer and now I had to dip into what I need for school, but I also really have nobody to blame but myself. 


TL;DR: if you’re not saving money, start doing it. 




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Sorry to hear, but yes, saving is optimally the best bet Marie. I do hope you're able to recoup and get back on track with the schooling . I hope your days since have been better. 

Also, Godz, I'm glad you had a decent day at work. Yes, people do get frustrating, lmao. 

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