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My name is Marie but you might see me around as Saint Marie in the FC or on Discord (add me at Marie#5130).

I'm 26 and I live in western Canada with my cat and my family. Right now, I'm working on going back to school so I can apply for university. I'm only missing 4 good marks for what I want to study. I hope to go for a BSc in Psychology, but I'm willing to settle for a BA too if I find it too intense. In my spare time I like playing RS3, managing my clan, doing tarot readings, smoking 420 and obeying my feline master.

I love the altar community and I joined last year as a host. Y'all are great so I'm finally coming to the forum for the first time. Thanks for all you do, glad to be part of it (from time to time when I'm not having too much anxiety about not being maxed yet, lol).

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3 hours ago, t_mcgee said:

Welcome to the forum! Glad you finally joined XD

I'm not surprised since it was you who suggested I join, I think!

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