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Hey lovelies, it's your bae Ailuridae here ♥

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Apologies for the cheesy title but i just had to say it. Hellooo everybody, my RSN is Ailuridae, IRL Teri. I am from Somerset, South West England and I'm 21 years old. As a couple of you may know, i've done over 3.5 years of Care work, supporting Adults with learning disabilities, mental health and a variety of other aspects of care. I have also supported Elderly people in a Extra Care Housing care home in the past. Until recently, i've been unemployed for the past couple weeks but i am trying hard to find another care job supporting more individuals with Learning Disabilities ♥ I have an autistic brother so he is part of the reason why i love my job, I get to learn new things like giving people with Autism processing time to think about something you have asked them and helping them achieve their daily routines ♥


I am currently a Recruit rank of the Altar FC. Hope everyone is doing okay! My RS interests are G Altar hosting for you awesome people and i like to do a bit of PvM on the side of working towards the Completionist Cape!  As a G Altar host, i personally enjoy making player's prayer experiences more enjoyable and exciting. It's always a pleasure hosting for them as we always have a good laugh and joke around. Nice to meet you all, hope to see you all in-game if i haven't already! ♥



♥ Ailuridae, Queen of the Red Pandas ♥

  ~Owner of Red Panda Squad Clan ~

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Glad to have you around Ail :)

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Hey Ail, glad to have you in our community! 😃

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Ailuribae, glad to have you on our team bruh

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