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Goodbye friends, I'm resigning.

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Rap version:


yo yo, the name is sublime

yea, i think it's 'bout time

that yo homie resign

*mic drop*


Regular version:


It's no secret that I have lost all passion for Runescape, and even recently, the community. I'll still be around as usual, but I figured it's only right to resign from my rank on Discord, OSRS, and RS3 due to my inactivity and lack of interest. I hope my resignation opens up a spot in the community for someone who still holds that passion, and that you can contribute to make the community a better place.


Thanks everyone for all the good times and memories, even those who have long gone and won't see this message. I wish the community the best, and hope it continues to live on as it has for many many years!



P.S. - Buy Ethereum

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