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Hey! Friendly community player here!

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Hi everyone~ my name is xerl. Most already know me but for those that don't, I'm usually popping in every now and then to say hi to the house hosts and community training their prayers on RS3! As of late, I've been getting spammed w/ multiple invitations from your loyal, lovely, upper ranks to join. After a long while of contemplating, I have taken it upon myself to finally accept those invitations and officially join the forums to initiate myself as a friendly member of the Altar FC! I'm so happy to be here, it's nice to meet you all~ 

P.S. I don't know what happened but I think many of your house hosts meant to add me as a friend but accidentally ignore-listed me instead thus preventing me from entering their houses to do my daily run-bys of greetings and gain exp! Please let them know to fix that! 



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Hey Xerl, welcome glad to have you around. Most of the time it's usually a small thing like wrong world, wrong location, or wrong spelling. If you're still having trouble then ask in the altar fc and we can try and help.

Happy training 😇

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