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07 Altar CC Application ~ [Sergeant] - PrayerMaster3 Kick Rank.

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  • Your display name:
  • Have you been an active 07 Altar Recruit Rank for at least 2+ months?
  • What date did you get your One Bar Rank?
  • Have you read the 07 Altar CC Ranking System & Rank Moderation Techniques?
  • Have you been recommended to apply by another rank?
    JB, Shandog
  • Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice?
  • Have you Acquired at least 20 Hours of Voice Chat or 200 Text Messages within the last 90 Days in the Altar Server Discord?
  • What is the command to change a verified host's in-game name on the House Host Tracker?
    !unhost, !reset, or !host
  • Have you posted consistent and constructive feedback on other players' forum applications?
  • What is your Content Count?
  • Have you recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker?
  • Have you helped others in chat, called open hosts, and understood efficient moderation techniques?
  • What interested you in wanting to become an 07 Altar Community Sergeant?
    I am a long time rank with 07 altar, so much that I took a leave from 07 to help out the RS3 side of the clan as a bronze star up until I was diagnosed with lymphoma which put me out of commission for a bit, but I am back full force to my usual self again in osrs and I know I can make a difference!
  • What skills do you believe you bring to the table and how do you plan on using these skills to benefit the community as an 07 Altar CC Sergeant?
    I have the skill set required of the rank through both osrs and rs3 I have demonstrated good leadership and accountability to the best of my ability. I am on everyday and I’m very vocal with other members of the team on decisions and resolving any and all issues necessary.
  • Scenario Question: Multiple people in the cc are arguing with each other, describe how you would handle this situation.
    In this instance you would refrain from picking anyone sides and verbally give them a warning and ask them nicely to settle down or take it to pm, if it boils over from there you would boot the issue causers or person that continues the arguement after the warning.
  • Scenario Question: Members of the cc are discussing religion and politics, how would you handle this situation as a rank?
    I would explain to them that we don’t allow such influential topics in the cc to prevent hysteria and adversities from clashing.
  • Scenario Question: You receive a complaint via private message about a host in the cc requesting other hosts to close so they can open. How do you handle this situation?
    Confront that host and inform them that, that is not how 07 operates. We work as a team and boost all of our hosts to the best of our abilities and not try to tear them down no matter the reason.
  • Scenario Question: You receive a complaint about a host using too many adverts. How do you handle this situation?
    You can ask the host politely to possibly only use one advertisement but ultimately this is irrelevant to cause a big fuss over.
  • Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share about your experiences in the community?
    I have been with 07 and have helped mystiq warrior and altar as much as possible I believe I’m going on 2 years with the community as well as serving as a bronze star in rs3 and instead of asking for a rank transfer of bronze star I will gladly take 3 bar to prove my activity level is increasing more and more everyday and will do whatever it takes to keep our community as the best community in the game!
  • Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

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While he isn't ranked in osrs right now, I think he would make a good rank- maybe a 1 bar for now and then a sped up for 3 bar or straight to 3 bar depending on how other ranks feel. He is always helping others in the cc and is pretty social as well. +1ish from me 

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Posted (edited)

Edited to -1 from a +-0  just in case people get confused by shredders response below, due to a couple of odd messages 

revived which I'm personally not a fan of and also reports from multiple people saying they've been pestered to give a response, which imo is not a good thing to do, usually there are reasons people do not respond or people are not sure what to say just yet. Pestering people for rank up responses is a no go in my eyes, especially if people are having to come to me to complain about it. Not to mention just an annoying thing to do.



Edited by JB87
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I agree with JB. I think starting prayer master at a recruit rank would be best that way he can get back into the swing of things. I will definitely say +1 to a recruit rank because prayermaster is always friendly and helpful to those in the cc. 

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