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Altar FC Application ~ [Recruit] - Tabe

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  • Your display name:
  • How did you discover the Altar Community?
    Asked someone where i can go to level prayer and they let me know about the altar community
  • Have you read/followed the Global Rules?
  • Have you been active in Altar FC Community for 2+ weeks?
  • What is your Forum Account creation date?
  • Have you posted constructive feedback on another player's forum application?
  • What is your Content Count?
  • Have you joined Altar Community Discord?
  • What is your Altar Community Server Discord Join Date?
  • Have you Acquired at least 2 Hours of Voice Chat or 25 Text Messages within the last 90 Days in the Altar Server Discord?
  • Have you used and understood the House Host Tracker and its' functions?
  • What is the command that allows you to become a verified host for the House Host Tracker?
  • What is one of the commands to unhost an unverified host from the House Host Tracker?
    !auh "hostname"
  • Have you been recommended to apply by another rank?
    Of RWBY
  • What interested you in wanting to become an Altar FC Recruit?
    I've been hosting quite actively in the past week or so and thought I'd give it a shot, also it's been pretty fun so far so wanted to take it further by applying for the rank.
  • Do you have any additional feedback you'd like to share about your experiences in the community?
    It's been fun so far, will like to see where it goes.
  • Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

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Definite +1, you've been very helpful around the community

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Bruh you've been hecking hosting so much lately. You also got the unverified host command right which is awesome. I think you would be a great rank 😇




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Posted (edited)

+1  , great job on the name change too! Makes it easier for everyone :)

Edited by Sammy3N

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1 hour ago, Promote said:

Easy +1 but I’m lost. Is your name a O or 0 😛

it was 0 he changed it to onthemove since alot of people had trouble with it

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