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Altar FC Application ~ [Recruit] - Lex

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Posted (edited)
  • Your display name:
    Maxed Lex
  • How did you discover the Altar Community?
    Sevn Introduced me.
  • Have you read/followed the Global Rules?
  • Have you been active in Altar FC Community for 2+ weeks?
  • What is your Forum Account creation date?
  • Have you posted constructive feedback on another player's forum application?
  • What is your Content Count?
  • Have you joined Altar Community Discord?
  • What is your Altar Community Server Discord Join Date?
  • Have you Acquired at least 2 Hours of Voice Chat or 25 Text Messages within the last 90 Days in the Altar Server Discord?
    90 Days: 54 messages 
    90 Days: 23 hours, 5 minutes
  • Have you used and understood the House Host Tracker and its' functions?
  • What is the command that allows you to become a verified host for the House Host Tracker?
  • What is one of the commands to unhost an unverified host from the House Host Tracker?
    !proxyunhost "Hostname" or !auh "Hostname"
  • Have you been recommended to apply by another rank?
  • What interested you in wanting to become an Altar FC Recruit?
    Don't want to be lumped in with 90% of the peeps. Can also help with sorting out hosts/bonerunners and delivering supplies.
  • Do you have any additional feedback you'd like to share about your experiences in the community?
  • Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?
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Grammar edit.

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Hey Lex, just make sure if you're doing a command which unhosts an unverified host you have the right idea but you need the " " after it.

What is one of the commands to unhost an unverified host from the House Host Tracker?
!proxyunhost or !auh

for example you could do !auh "host name here", or if you want !proxyunhost "host name here" but this would only work if the name has a star next to it. Otherwise I think you're very nice to talk to and you went pking with the squad a couple times haha. You've hosted a couple times which is always great





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Posted (edited)

I have played alot with you and you have helped me host aswel.

thanks for all the help on rs.




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