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RS3 Derank/Ban Request - Snowy Owl

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  • Who are you requesting to be Deranked?
    Snowy Owl
  • What is this player's current rank?
  • Based on the severity of their behavior, do you believe this player should be demoted one tier, have kick rank removed, or be deranked entirely?
    Deranked Entirely
  • Global Rules - Which of the following Altar Community Rules do you believe this player has broken?
    None of the above. (Select this if this application is being filled out due to inactivity)
  • If any of the above rules were selected, please elaborate and provide evidence as to how you believe the rule was broken.
    Inactive for over 1 year.
  • Inactivity - Has this player been inactive for 4 months or more?
  • If yes, please state the last date you believe this rank was active.
  • Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share regarding this rank's behavior in the community?
    In my time active in the FC/Discord I've never seen this name before until randomly seeing their name in the RS3-Rank-Chat members list. With the last message being over a year ago I'm not sure when their last time in game was. https://gyazo.com/bc0ef8d8ab4e7dfeb0db56913f425629 Screenshot to show their last messages. Last message before this was 7/16 and before that was 5/22

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To my knowledge, Snowy doesn't play much anymore because she's 5.4b total xp. She may become more active once archaeology becomes a thing but I agree that she's not an active rank and hasn't been for some time, although I wouldn't play either if I was 200m all skills. Either way, I'll +1 this as her discord and forum activity is basically non existent



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Neutral as snowy owl is actually my clan leader of "sempiternity". Her presence has been on and off due to work as far as i know, and i can ask her if she still cares to even take part in any of this and will confirm shortly. ( Edit: sorry i thought this was referring to their IGN.  Not discord name.  +1 cause ive never seen or heard)

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