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Enigma OG

07 Altar CC Application ~ [Sergeant] - Enigma OG

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  • Your display name:
    Enigma OG
  • Have you been an active 07 Altar Recruit Rank for at least 2+ months?
  • What date did you get your One Bar Rank?
  • Have you read the 07 Altar CC Ranking System & Rank Moderation Techniques?
  • Have you been recommended to apply by another rank?
  • Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice?
  • Have you Acquired at least 20 Hours of Voice Chat or 200 Text Messages within the last 90 Days in the Altar Server Discord?
  • What is the command to change a verified host's in-game name on the House Host Tracker?
  • Have you posted consistent and constructive feedback on other players' forum applications?
  • What is your Content Count?
  • Have you recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker?
  • Have you helped others in chat, called open hosts, and understood efficient moderation techniques?
  • What interested you in wanting to become an 07 Altar Community Sergeant?
    I've been in this cc for a long time and I enjoy interacting with the community.
  • What skills do you believe you bring to the table and how do you plan on using these skills to benefit the community as an 07 Altar CC Sergeant?
    I am a fair person and often help mediate conversations in cc.
  • Scenario Question: Multiple people in the cc are arguing with each other, describe how you would handle this situation.
    I would warn them that this is not the place to argue and they should take it to pms. If they continued I would kick them from the cc.
  • Scenario Question: Members of the cc are discussing religion and politics, how would you handle this situation as a rank?
    Tell them that they can take it to pms. Warn them they will get kicked otherwise.
  • Scenario Question: You receive a complaint via private message about a host in the cc requesting other hosts to close so they can open. How do you handle this situation?
    Verify the pm's claims and tell the host that is against the rules. Kick the host of they continue to do so and report it to a higher rank.
  • Scenario Question: You receive a complaint about a host using too many adverts. How do you handle this situation?
    Verify the situation and ask the host to reduce the number of ads they have.
  • Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share about your experiences in the community?
    I try to be a helpful and active part of this community, and there are times I am on when there isn't a higher rank. I'd like to be a higher rank so I can more effectively help to moderate the community.
  • Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

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Going to opt to remain neutral/lean towards a -1. Whilst I've been inactive in the CC recently I can't comment on any recent interactions however I believe you went on break shortly before I joined 07 Altar so I have never had an interaction with you.

You also answered yes to being active in the Discord however I cannot personally recall seeing your name, Upon a quick check you've sent 2 messages within the past 90 days you also have not spent any time in VC, Therefore not meeting the discord requirements. 

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I’m going to stay neutral. I do see you in cc frequently, but I’ve never seen you on discord. Also In opinion (we all moderate differently) I feel that you are relying heavily on kicks. In some situations that is needed but in others I feel there are alternatives to resorting to a kick after one warning. For me to go to a +1 I’d personally want to see you more active on discord. 

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Going to have to -1 this too unfortunately, but not without a little bit of encouragement on the cc side of things. Enigma has been about for a while from what I can remember, and while a break I also believe was had, he has been back in the cc a fair bit recently and making good conversation with other members of the cc, people like enigma which is obviously a good start, and the moderation you seem to have a general idea of how to deal with issues in the cc. However I strongly suggest you read up our global rules and moderation techniques too for some more insight to improve yourself when it comes to this sort of thing as you're not quite their yet. As Shredder mentioned above it seems at the moment your moderation technique would heavily rely on kicking, which is obviously an option, but if it can be resolved without a kick then that is the option that should be tried first. We generally run a 3 strike rule here when it comes to warnings before being moved to a kick (which is where it becomes clear they will not listen to reason, or are just trolling). I'll link the global rules and moderation techniques just below if you are serious about becoming a kick rank you'll need to give them a good read :)






Also as mentioned the discord requirements are really lacking so would definitely encourage you to head on over there and make some conversation somewhere :)


Don't be discouraged from the -1 though :) it's all a work in progress, my own 1st application was denied because I wasn't sure of the kicking/moderation side of things, but I quickly showed I understood why it is done that way, and quickly got approved shortly after that :) I look forward to hopefully seeing you more involved and actively trying to improve yourself in regards to the above^

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