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  • Who are you requesting to be Deranked?
  • What is this player's current rank?
  • Based on the severity of their behavior, do you believe this player should be demoted one tier, have kick rank removed, or be deranked entirely?
    Deranked Entirely
  • Global Rules - Which of the following Altar Community Rules do you believe this player has broken?
    Privacy: Has this player leaked personal or private information about another player without their expressed permission?
  • If any of the above rules were selected, please elaborate and provide evidence as to how you believe the rule was broken.
    He tried to sell his account and got hacked. He still has a rank on the account so it is dangerous to have that while he no longer has access to it
  • Inactivity - Has this player been inactive for 4 months or more?
  • If yes, please state the last date you believe this rank was active.
  • Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share regarding this rank's behavior in the community?
    Last message was Nov 28th
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+1 - attempted to sell his account and was hacked in the process, then said bye and I haven't seen him since. Assuming he hasn't changed his password, but if he has, he seems to have wanted to quit RS by attempting to sell his account



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+1, was good player but that is abrupt and potentially lethal if that is not his account anymore

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