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King Capone

Clan Cup - 19th of August - Win a bond!

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The Clan Cup starts on the 19th of August, and is based on RS3's newest update - the Land out of Time. The competition requires you to skin as many dinosaurs on Anachronia as fast you can in a one hour session. The person from our clan who skins the most dinosaurs in one hour will receive a bond. It's also worthwhile for our clan overall - as the 1st place clan will receive a 12% xp boost for all it's members for an entire month. Additionally, the winning clan receives permanent access to the Crystal Avatar. To win, Jagex takes your 10 highest performing clan mates and totals their dinosaurs skinned, and the clan with the highest overall total wins. If you need any advice of how to compete or any buffs that you can use in the clan, feel free to PM Law on Discord or on the forums.


For more information on the clan cup itself, please see the following link:


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