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King Capone

Altar Community Derank Applications Rules and Guidelines

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Altar Community Derank Applications Rules and Guidelines


Please read the following guidelines before completing the derank application or commenting on any active application. 


Keep in mind that any abuse/trolling of the application system may lead to a BAN


  • Derank applications should be completed for legitimate and serious requests only, such as in the event that you believe a rank has broken one or more rules, is inactive, or is simply not living up to the standards we expect of our ranks/moderators.
  • Under no circumstances should a derank application be filled out on the basis of disliking a rank or simply being angry with them.
  • The derank applications are not meant for flaming each other, both in the application itself and in the comments. Constructive criticism should be your goal for every post within this section, explaining why you believe what a rank did was wrong, how it should have been handled, and what they need to do to if they wish to begin ranking up again.

  • While things will more than likely get heated at some point in time, we hope you all understand the importance of being respectful towards one another and acting mature. If an argument forms in the comment section and begins to get out of hand, the thread will be locked and Management will make the final decision based on the discussion up to that point. 

  • Please also keep in mind that a member of Altar Management may reach out to you for more proof/evidence, so please be prepared to share additional context and/or screenshots.
  • Additionally, if the nature of the rule breaking is deemed severe enough, Altar Management reserves the right to derank a player instantly and will forego the application process.


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