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OSRS Construction Calculator

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lYBbE1w.png Construction Calculator (OSRS)



Welcome to my lYBbE1w.png Construction Calculator for OSRS. Here you can find out how many planks you need for a certain goal e.g. level 99, 200M XP. It has the ability of fetching your lYBbE1w.png Construction Level and XP from the OSRS Hiscores. Down below this calculator is a DiGzWc2.gif Price Calculator which calculates how much money DiGzWc2.gif you need for the planks. It has the ability to fetch the planks price from the OSRS Grand Exchange. Best of luck with your lYBbE1w.png Construction goals!



  • You gain an extra 100 XP each time you construct a mounted Mythical Cape iXsbbGc.png on OSRS.
  • The lYBbE1w.png Construction Level requirement is 1 for planks, 15 for oak planks, 35 for teak planks and 40 for mahogany planks.
  • You can choose to do either Current Level or Current XP, and either Level Goal or XP Goal.
  • Level 127 is 200M XP for this calculator.


Display Name:



Current Level:
Current XP:
Level Goal:
XP Goal:


XP Difference: 
Total Planks:    



DiGzWc2.gif Price Calculator

Note: The total cost always rounds down to the nearest whole number.





Total Cost:
Price Per XP:



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  • Warrior pinned, unpinned and featured this topic

Thank you, this is quite useful.


I plan on getting Construction to 99 soon and then opening house as I was going to alch anyway and it'd be nice to let people train in the meantime. 

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No problem FailOnline :)


Very nice, wish you best of luck with 99 Construction. I updated the calculator, it is now much more advanced.

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