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Well it took me a lil time to navigate around this etc and please if u need me msg me in game tbh, game takes enough time haha ill try m y best to keep an eye here to ofc, but the RS3 community is ofc where we all are.


You all probably seen me and or heard me chatting away some point or another, so now, you'll have to get use to it ahah


I Joined RS only 6th march 2019 and play for fun n giggles, no 99 yet but I just make the 2k club and for a couple weeks after visiting a host house Kr0no and another, had such a great time and want to be involved in the community and happy to share my resources with others.


ANyway a BIG BIG HI.. come say hey if u see me and well my name kinda stands out lol.


Till I see yall in FC



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