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new host here! (updated)

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hello all my name is scissors v3 or just call me tony, i recently joined the hosting for rs3! so far i love it,
interacting with the community and helping others reach their goals i generally try to host for 8 hours i hosted a few days ago and you guys were awesome
im hoping to host many more hours for everyone:) i can also act as a back up host just ping me and ill see if i can squeeze an hour or two if needed! 

update as of November  3rd

i took a little break from hosting but im back again lots of irl stuff got in the way but all is good now im going to appy for rank but im sure i dont meet most of the requirements  as  for messages and such other then that im glad to be back, with rs3 mobile out i can host even more but hosting on mobile can be tedious and a battery killer lol, fun stuff though thank you all for the replies<3

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Hey Scissors! I saw you in game a couple times already, glad to have you on board. You already did join our discord calls a couple times it's nice to talk to you ?


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Guess this is now an official welcome to the FC, Thanks a lot for hosting lately and opening when needed. Will more than likely see you more and more as well 

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We're glad to have you around Tony - never hesitate to reach out if you need anything or have any questions. Happy hosting :)

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Hey Tony! Hopefully will see you around at some point.


Backup hosting sounds like an excellent idea, didn't think of it like that... I may need to steal that one from you 😉 - not sure how viable it'd be with mobile, but could be really useful.



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