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[RS3] Altar Community Skill Competitions' Sign Up Thread

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Hi all,


If you are unsure on how the competitions work:


Each week, there will be a random skill chosen. Points will be awarded to those that come 1st based on whoever gains the most XP in the chosen skill for the week. There will be a 1.5x multiplier involved with points if you come 1st in consecutive weeks.


1st: 10 points


Each point is worth 1M gp, and can be redeemed at any time.


INSTRUCTIONS: If you are interested in taking part in the Altar Community Skill Competitions, please post your RS3 in-game name on this thread.




  1. FluffyKitty
  2. Erenna
  3. C1L
  4. Finn Keddin





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Changes to skill competitions:

  1. Prize goes to the #1 winner.
  2. Multiplier is now 1.5x.
  3. Prize is now 10 points (10M). You win 15 points (15M) when you win in consecutive weeks.

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