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RS3 99 Prayer Training Guide

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RS3 99 Prayer Training Guide

Promoted by "Altar" Friends Chat




Need advice on how to level up your Prayer skill 33b3Z5d.png to a certain goal e.g. levels 1-99, levels 99-120, or 200M XP? Worry no more, as we are here to help guide you through the best methods so that you level up your Prayer 33b3Z5d.png very fast and efficiently. 


Hosting Location


World: 31

Location: Taverley


Additional Information


For additional assistance with anything Prayer 33b3Z5d.png or hosting related, feel free to join any of the following:

  • "Altar" Friends Chat in-game.
  • Altar Community Discord: Here you can find open hosts, or even become an open host yourself. Our hosts are verified based on stmveyy.png Construction level, so you can feel at ease knowing they have a Gilded altar sRL6ET8.png. Click the image below to join Altar Community Discord via a web browser or the Discord application:




To hire or become a bone runner, feel free to join any of the following:

  • "Bone Job" Friends Chat in-game.
  • Bone Job Discord: Here you can find bone runners to gain more Prayer XP 33b3Z5d.png per hour, or even become a bone runner yourself. All of our runners are insured to prevent clients from getting scammed. Click the image below to join Bone Job Discord via a web browser or the Discord application:




The sections mentioned below will help you in anything that you are unsure of. To quickly access any content, click their respective title in the Table of Contents below.


Table of Contents:

  1. 33b3Z5d.png How to Join "Altar" and "Bone Job" Friends Chats
  2. Se6eC4Q.png Discord: House Host Tracker
  3. 6VYwK35.png How Gilded Altars and Incense Burners Work
  4. uwDibei.png How Sips Work
  5. Okg5lrx.png How Beast of Burden Familiars Work
  6. iS940Ps.png How Bank Presets Work
  7. zxVVM14.png Bonus Prayer XP Items
  8. wd0dLhw.png Choosing the Right Bones or Ashes for Your Budget
  9. 33b3Z5d.png How to Travel to Taverley
  10. 33b3Z5d.png How to Train Prayer in Taverley
  11. zxVVM14.png How to Track and Set Your Prayer Goal



1. 33b3Z5d.png How to Join "Altar" and "Bone Job" Friends Chats


Note: Before following the steps below, remember to ensure that your "Friends" or "Friends Chat" is turned "On". You may need to do that for both interface modes if you occasionally use one or the other.


Legacy Interface Mode:




EOC Interface Mode (wide chat box):




EOC Interface Mode (narrow chat box):




If you would like to join our community, follow these steps:


Step 1: If you are using the EOC interface, hover your mouse cursor over the Community button on the Ribbon bar. Once you have done that, click the "Friends Chat List" tab.




Step 2: Click the icon at the bottom left of the interface.




Step 3: Type in the name of the Friends Chat. In this case, type: Altar or Bone Job






Step 4: You have now joined our community chat! To talk, you can either click the Friends tab and talk directly from there, or put a forward slash at the start of each sentence that you type. E.g. /Hi everyone!




2. Se6eC4Q.png Discord: House Host Tracker


We have a House Host Tracker that allows us to add and remove open hosts on the host list. This list is shown in a table format on our Portal page, Forums page, and on Altar Community Discord. The tracker has Discord commands associated with it.


See my House Host Tracker Guide for more information on the Discord commands.




3. 6VYwK35.png How Gilded Altars and Incense Burners Work


How Gilded Altars sRL6ET8.png Work


For those unsure how Gilded altars sRL6ET8.png work, they provide 250% bonus XP in Prayer 33b3Z5d.png. On top of the 100% bonus XP from two lit incense burners a4UnZDJ.png, that is 350% bonus XP altogether!


How Incense Burners a4UnZDJ.png Work


Note: They are usually lit by hosts nowadays, so you only need to bring your bones or ashes. You may also bring Beast of Burden familiars Okg5lrx.png and/or teleports if you are going to use them.


To light them, the following is required:

  • Level 30 eWM2KWV.png Firemaking.
  • A Tinderbox ABia65I.png.
  • Clean marrentills OTdf8Ge.png. You can purchase these from the Grand Exchange in Varrock or Prifddinas.

Each lit incense burner a4UnZDJ.png provides 50% bonus XP, and they last 2 minutes 10 seconds. During DXP weekends however, Gilded altars 6VYwK35.png and lit incense burners a4UnZDJ.png do not provide bonus Prayer XP 33b3Z5d.png.




4. uwDibei.png How Sips Work


For those unsure what a Sip uwDibei.png is or how they work, they provide 5% bonus XP in Prayer 33b3Z5d.png for 1 hour per dose. They are called Perfect Juju Prayer Potions on the Grand Exchange. Most hosts usually give one out for free to each player, so you do not need to spend your whole bank on them. Kindly ask the host for a sip uwDibei.png once per hour, and they will gladly give you one.




5. Okg5lrx.png How Beast of Burden Familiars Work

Note: When using Beast of Burden familiars Okg5lrx.png, your Summoning points Okg5lrx.png drain slowly while you have a summoned familiar following you. If you do not have enough Summoning points Okg5lrx.png, you will not be able to renew or summon another familiar Okg5lrx.png. To restore your Summoning points, use the Small Obelisks Lb0zg1I.png that are available in a players' home.


For those who have a high level in Summoning Okg5lrx.png, you will find that training Prayer 33b3Z5d.png is much more easier thanks to Beast of Burden familiars Okg5lrx.png, as they can carry a lot of items for you. The Beast of Burden familiars Okg5lrx.png that you can summon are as follows:

You can either create the pouches yourself, or you can purchase them on the Grand Exchange in Varrock or Prifddinas. The only pouch you cannot purchase on the Grand Exchange is the eUyDhmW.png Spirit Pack Pig, which can be created in the machine under Eli's farm, after completion of the Bringing Home the Bacon quest.




6. iS940Ps.png How Bank Presets Work


While training Prayer 33b3Z5d.png, ideally you want to waste the least amount of time possible. This is where bank presets come in handy. The presets can load items from your Worn Equipment, Inventory, and/or Beast of Burden Okg5lrx.png.


To edit your presets, open the bank interface, and then click the cog button kjWkwNz.png under the "Presets" tab, located at the bottom right of the interface.




You are able to customise your presets. Examples include:

  • Selecting a preset name using the dropdown menu at the bottom left of the interface.
  • Toggling whether you want to withdraw the items from your Worn Equipment, Inventory, and/or Beast of Burden Okg5lrx.png. This can be done by clicking the golden icons next to the Preset name, or by toggling the checkboxes at the bottom left of the interface.
  • Loading from only your Worn Equipment, Inventory, or Beast of Burden Okg5lrx.png. This can be done by clicking their respective buttons at the bottom right of the interface.
  • Updating the preset by clicking the "Overwrite" button at the bottom left of the interface.






7. zxVVM14.png Bonus Prayer XP Items


There are items in the game that give bonus Prayer XP 33b3Z5d.png. Here is a list of them, keeping in mind that the % in brackets indicates how much bonus XP the item gives in Prayer 33b3Z5d.png:



8. wd0dLhw.png Choosing the Right Bones or Ashes for Your Budget


First thing to do is to obtain bones so that you can start gaining XP in Prayer 33b3Z5d.png by either collecting them from monster drops, or buying them from the Grand Exchange in Varrock or Prifddinas.


If you are very rich, it is recommended that you buy any of the following:

  • Dagannoth bones VNqrdjC.png.
  • Airut bones mWfciIf.png.
  • Hardened dragon bones JDEQ6LW.png.
  • Dinosaur bones zggVQiU.png.
  • Frost dragon bones ZoXjmEH.png.
  • Reinforced dragon bones tQI25gu.png.
  • Searing ashes sTkYnOd.png.

For the average player, it is recommended that you buy any of the following:

  • Tortured ashes 9Uh28HH.png.
  • Dragon bones wd0dLhw.png.
  • Infernal ashes sGXa078.png.

If you are on a tight budget, it is recommended that you buy any of the following:

  • Baby dragon bones UCFv35q.png.
  • Big bones 2Lv5iNu.png.

See my Bones & Ashes Google Sheet for more information on XP and prices.




9. 33b3Z5d.png How to Travel to Taverley


(Recommended) Method 1: Teleport to Your House


  • If you do not have a house, purchase one from an Estate Agent for 1,000 coins. Once you have purchased one, ask them to move it to Taverley for 5,000 coins.
  • If you have a house, but it is not in Taverley, ask an Estate Agent to move it there for 5,000 coins.

Estate Agents are found:

  • East of Varrock Palace.
  • Falador, north of the White Knights' Castle.
  • Seers' Village, north-east of the bank.
  • East Ardougne, south-west of the marketplace.
  • Prifddinas, south-east corner of the Ithell district.

Once you have a house in Taverley, you can either use Teleport to House tablets 6YHtdUe.png, Abyssal Links (Level 112 jJmRAxT.png Archaeology), or Master Constructor's Outfit to quickly teleport to Taverley:

  • Teleport to House tablets 6YHtdUe.png: Allow you to teleport to your house. You can purchase these from the Grand Exchange in Varrock or Prifddinas. If you have completed the Love Story quest, you can modify Teleport to House tablets 6YHtdUe.png to Taverley by right clicking the tablet, and then clicking the "Modify" option. Once you have done that, click the  "Taverley" option.
  • Abyssal Links: Allow you to use the Teleport to House spell an infinite amount of times without requiring runes, or gaining Magic XP WMZBwn6.png. It costs 5,000 chronotes JUR7Fet.png to activate, and uses 250 monolith energy oyX8eiy.png.
  • Master Constructor's Outfit:  Allows you to teleport to your house an infinite amount of times. Each outfit piece can be bought from the Estate Agents Shop for 250 contract credits each, for a total of 1,250 credits. Obtaining each Master constructor outfit piece takes 50 contracts using Mahogany planks 4w64qz5.png, 84 contracts with Teak planks llcwhFQ.png, 125 contracts with Oak planks WBsuDl5.png, and 250 contracts with Planks VgoD0fm.png.




While using Abyssal Links or Teleport to House tablet 6YHtdUe.png, It is recommended to teleport outside the House Portal to gain more XP per hour. To do that, follow these steps:


Step 1: Click "Settings".


Legacy Interface Mode:




EOC Interface Mode:






Step 2: Click the "Skills & Experience" collapsible menu under the "Gameplay" tab.


Step 3: Click the "Construction" option.


Step 4: Select the "Portal" option in the "Teleport arrival location" dropdown menu.




Method 2: Teleport to Taverley Lodestone


You can use the Lodestone Network to quickly teleport to Taverley. If you have not yet unlocked the Taverley Lodestone, teleport to Burthorpe using the Burthorpe Lodestone, and then run due south. Once you get to the Taverley Lodestone, click it to activate it.


Taverley Lodestone:




Once you have activated the Taverley Lodestone, right click the U0ug4cF.png button near your minimap, and then click the "Taverley" option.


EOC Interface Mode (this may change based on your layout):




Alternatively, you can left click U0ug4cF.png button near your minimap to open the Lodestone Network interface. While the interface is open, you can either click the Taverley Lodestone, or press the "T" key.




It is recommended that you purchase Vis wax lKDIrZt.png from the Grand Exchange to convert them to quick-teleports. One vis wax lKDIrZt.png can be converted to 10 quick-teleport charges, up to a maximum of 4,000 quick-teleports. These quick-teleports allow you to teleport to the Taverley Lodestone at a faster rate. 


Vis wax lKDIrZt.png conversion interface:





10. 33b3Z5d.png How to Train Prayer in Taverley


Note: You can use the Surge ability hs2wBmx.png (Level 30 WMZBwn6.png Magic) while training Prayer 33b3Z5d.png to teleport ten game squares ahead in a straight line. It has a cooldown of 20.4 seconds (34 game ticks).


Step 1: Prepare your Beast of Burden familiar Okg5lrx.png and inventory with un-noted bones or ashes. Once you have done that, travel to Taverley.


Step 2: Right click the House portal Q7F4UHj.png, click the "Enter friend's house" option, and then type in the host's name. For subsequent runs, you can click the "Last name entered:" option which will appear in the chatbox to quickly re-enter their house.




Step 3: Right click the Gilded altar 6VYwK35.png, and then click the "Offer" option to use your bones or ashes on the Gilded altar 6VYwK35.png automatically.




Step 4: Leave the house once you have no bones or ashes left.


Step 5: Run to Taverley bank or teleport using one of the following:

  • The Tokkul-zo VWq60Pi.png to Fight Kiln. The Tokkul-zo VWq60Pi.png is obtained from The Elder Kiln quest.
  • War's Retreat Teleport 0tYyeWF.png. In order to use the spell, you must have unlocked it for 10 boss kills at War's Wares.
  • The Mounted Glory ghtnwDW.png to Al Kharid.

Step 6: Repeat!




11. zxVVM14.png How to Track and Set Your Prayer Goal


You are able to set a Level Target for the Prayer skill 33b3Z5d.png by right clicking the skill, and then clicking the "Set Level Target" option. Alternatively, click "XP Target" if you wish to set a XP Target instead.




Type your Prayer level goal 33b3Z5d.png.




Then you can see how much XP is left until the next goal near "Remainder:".




There are also Prayer Calculators 33b3Z5d.png out there to help you out such as:


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