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Altar Community Global Rules

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- Global Rules -


Note: Global Rules apply to Altar FC and 07 Altar CC too.


Harboring a safe community and environment for all types of players is very important to us. To ensure that everyone has the best possible experience in the community we have several rules in place. These rules are meant to be followed at all times and to the best of your ability. While we understand that these rules look very strict in nature, they are designed to be followed as a best practice. We all make mistakes and mistakes are to be expected. If we find that rules are being repeatedly being broken then action will have to be taken. This could be something as simple as a verbal/written warning or something more severe such as a mute or ban.


Harboring a great community involves being respectful and helpful whenever possible. Please be respectful to your fellow community members. Repeated disrespectful behavior is a great way to get banned.  

Hate Speech/Harassment


Hate speech and harassment is not tolerated within the community. Hate speech includes but is not limited to:


- Gender
- Sexuality
- Religion
- Race
- Ethnicity
- Mental/Physical Impairment.
- Degrading content.
- Bullying
- Flaming




Please refrain from trolling/spamming or trying to intentionally aggravate other users. For clarification purposes, whatever happens in public/private chat, stays in public/private chat. We are not held responsible for when these situations arise. However, If the toxicity is so excessive that it is causing drama regularly in the FC/CC's, Discord and/or Altar clan, it will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Foul Play


Begging, scamming, luring, hacking and DDOSing are prohibited and will get you banned.


Extreme Content

Extreme content is prohibited. Extreme content includes but is not limited to:


- Sexual/Pornographic Content.
- Depiction of gore, death or extreme violence.
- Severe depiction of drugs or drug usage.




- No usage of another user's personal information or pictures without express permission.
- Under no circumstances, can you leak or distribute anyone's personal information without their permission.
- Do not impersonate another user or person.




Please refrain from advertising or recruiting for other communities.




Swearing/cursing is permitted under the stipulation that you are not being excessive with it. This is up to the discretion of the rank/moderator.




This is an English only speaking community.


The NSFW channel in Discord is for simply that; content that wouldn't be safe to view in the workplace. DO NOT post any of the the above mentioned Extreme Content or Hate Speech listed above in the NSFW channel.


Breaking any of these rules can result in a ban... It's not worth it!


- Altar FC & 07 Altar CC Rules -


1. Do not call names for open hosts in the chat who are not in the chat themselves. The exception to this rule is if no other hosts are open in the chat (rule is currently under review as a result of the popularity of the house host tracker).


2. When hosting please remain in the chat at all times to ensure you are advertised properly and to avoid confusion.


3. Only call out a host name in the chat when someone is asking for a house. Assuming it is not spammed, the exceptions to this rule are:

  • If they are the only host in the chat.
  • If all host names are being called out to provide a non-competitive environment.


4. No begging or asking for donations in the chat. If you are a host, please avoid all donation discussion while your house is open.


5. Limit advertising bone running, lighters, & advertisement services to once every 3 minutes in the chat unless a specific service is requested from another player.


6. There is no "Best Host". All hosts in the eyes of the FC/CC are equals.


7. Please discuss any disputes in private message with a rank.

8. Altar FC/07 Altar CC ranks are NOT obligated to investigate ANY trust trading, item scamming, bone running or advertising dispute. Ranks may request screenshots and investigate under their own discretion.

9. Altar FC/07 Altar CC ranks strive to moderate fairly at all times in the community with the information they have (sometimes limited). At the end of the day, we are all human beings and our intention is to kick as a last resort. Being kicked from the chat is usually due to breaking one or more of the CC/FC rules and is pretty self explanatory, but mistakes happen. If you feel that a kick is not justified, please contact a high rank or mod/admin via Discord PM.

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