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Forum Badge Requests

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Forum Badge Requests


Hi all,


If you would like a Forum Badge or an updated Forum Badge, feel free to place your request on this thread. Please keep in mind that the following Forum Badges are based on:

  • Whether you donated on our website.
  • Your rank in Altar clan.
  • Your rank in "07 Altar" clan chat.
  • Your rank in "Altar" friends chat.


Available Forum Badges include:

  • $10+ Donator
  • $20+ Donator
  • $50+ Donator
  • $100+ Donator
  • $200+ Donator
  • $300+ Donator
  • Altar Clan Lieutenant
  • Altar Clan Captain
  • Altar Clan General
  • Altar Clan Organiser
  • Altar Clan Coordinator
  • Altar Clan Overseer
  • Altar Clan Deputy Owner
  • 07 Altar Initiate
  • 07 Altar Rank
  • Altar FC Initiate
  • Altar FC Rank


Note: Posts are hidden by default. Once we have satisfied your request, your post will be visible to others.

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Will update


Update: Altar FC tag emblem is missing, should be a 3 bar icon next to it. Also I'm a smiley in 07 altar if that counts

Edited by DMT

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Good thread. Will lyk if i or another person is outdated.


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17 hours ago, A big doggo said:

Hey Warrior, could DMT and I get our clan badges updated to organiser please? Thanks man :)

The dark deed you have requested is fulfilled.

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