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Regular Raids Team

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Hey, everyone!

I'm going to be assembling a team for Raids that will meet every other day at reset (00:00 Gametime). The current plan is to do Beastmaster Durzag + Puzzle (for the people continuing onto Yakamuru). If you are interested in joining the team, please reply below with the following information:



Roles (if you can do any):



First come, first serve. I expect we won't have a full team all the time, so I will be finding some people to fill slots. However, clan members will have priority. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below or PM me ingame or on the Discord. If you're not familiar with Beastmaster, but interested in trying it out, then I don't mind explaining it. It's not complicated.


Currently in need of 9 more people!

Team currently consists of:

Of the Law - ANY

Grism - DPS + PT

Pizzagate - ANY

Pudding Cup - DPS

Grey_Gandalf - DPS

Pray Here - DPS

Mr. Troll - DPS

FluffyKitty - ANY?

Emo Hobo- DPS



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I have been wanting to have a team setup to raid for ages. Just haven't posted. Thank you Grism :)


Not familiar with Beastmaster, but I'm certainly capable. 


RSN: Pray Here

Roles: Ranged, DPS

KC: 0


If 10 people get found I'll have at least a few kc beforehand. 

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RSN: Whatever account has enough levels at the time ;)

Roles (if you can do any): I can DPS I think but definetely need practice. But I'm super interested in tanking and feeling cool protecting my team? lol

Killcount: 1?

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I'd be down

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RSN: Acid Refine

Roles (if you can do any): dps can do part 1/3 bm

Killcount: 1 bm, 0 yaka

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I've had a minimal amount of experience but learn quickly. 



Role: Range/Mage dps, nc, have done pt as well just not recently, would need a recap

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I have been wanting to do raids for quite a while now, and it is the only thing that I need really for the reaper title. I've never gotten around to it as there generally hasn't been a group before within the clan.


RSN: grey_gandalf

Role: dps mage or range, and I would be interested in learning other roles as well

Killcount: none

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RSN: of the Law

Roles (if you can do any): PT 1/3, PT  2, BU, BT/NC/DPS

Killcount: 33 BM / 2 Yaka

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Rsn-Issue Tissue

roles- i can only dps, im noob at bm

kc- i think its like 4 or something for bm, ive never done yaka

Edited by Akhramen

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Would you all be able to start meeting at reset every other day? This would be ideal so it'll be easier to find fill-ins if we're missing someone. If that doesn't work for you, then during what time are you usually online?

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