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How to Use Discord & How to Join Altar Community Server


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How to Use Discord







How to Join Altar Community Discord Server


Feel free to come join us on our Discord server! You are able to join via a web browser, so you do not have to download the Discord application!


Altar Community Discord Server (web browser or Discord application): https://discord.gg/gsxynse

Discord application download: https://discordapp.com/download


Alternative Method


Step 1: Click the "Discord" link at the top right corner of the Forums page or click the "Join our Discord Server" link under the "Community" forum category.






Step 2: Log in using your Discord account details. If you do not have a Discord account, click the "Register" link under the "Login" button.




Step 3: Click the "Join Altar Community" button.




And done, you have now joined our Discord server! :aktion033:

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