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  1. Already part of the discord, host for Rs3 time to time. Mostly when someone wants to stop and no one is there to take over. Have donated $50 now. Thought to myself... Might as well say hi.
  2. My name is Marie but you might see me around as Saint Marie in the FC or on Discord (add me at Marie#5130). I'm 26 and I live in western Canada with my cat and my family. Right now, I'm working on going back to school so I can apply for university. I'm only missing 4 good marks for what I want to study. I hope to go for a BSc in Psychology, but I'm willing to settle for a BA too if I find it too intense. In my spare time I like playing RS3, managing my clan, doing tarot readings, smoking 420 and obeying my feline master. I love the altar community and I joined last year as a host. Y'
  3. Hey guys, gals, and non-binary pals, I've been with the cc since its inception way back in 2016/2017 but am finally getting around to "officially" introduce myself to you guys. As my username would suggest, my irl name is Camilo, I'm 26 years old, and I'm from sunny California. Prior to quarantine, I had a multitude of hobbies such as playing my saxophone, going rock climbing, camping, hiking, shooting archery, going to the gym, and watching movies. I just recently graduated with a bachelors in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Materials Engineering. I'm really good a
  4. Hi everyone~ my name is xerl. Most already know me but for those that don't, I'm usually popping in every now and then to say hi to the house hosts and community training their prayers on RS3! As of late, I've been getting spammed w/ multiple invitations from your loyal, lovely, upper ranks to join. After a long while of contemplating, I have taken it upon myself to finally accept those invitations and officially join the forums to initiate myself as a friendly member of the Altar FC! I'm so happy to be here, it's nice to meet you all~ P.S. I don't know what happened but I think many of
  5. Hello! I'm Gus Avila and I decided to introdouce myself in the forums. Well... yes, my RuneScape name (Gus Avila) is actually my real name. I´m a 21 year old musician (or at least trying to be one) who likes video games. I´ve been playing RuneScape for 9 years now and i have some fun memories from my teenage years (both from the game and from my real life). I like to socialize and have some conversations over a nice cold one ?. I think that's about it, nice to meet y'all!
  6. Hello! I'm Gus Avila and I decided to introdouce myself in the forums. Well... yes, my RuneScape name (Gus Avila) is actually my real name. I´m a 21 year old musician (or at least trying to be one) who likes video games. I´ve been playing RuneScape for 9 years now and i have some fun memories from my teenage years (both from the game and from my real life). I like to socialize and have some conversations over a nice cold one ?. I think that's about it, nice to meet y'all!
  7. Hey Everyone, my real names Ken. I go by Siese Ann El in RS3 and Zerkstra in ORS. My friend showed me this Altar Community and I have had the opportunity to take part in one of these events hosted by Tempestiqq. Craziest thing is I never knew these Communities existed. Thank you all for your guidance and the work you put into this community. I wish to help out in anyway I can now that I have joined such an active community Thank you for taking the time to read this, Siese Ann El (RS3) Zerkstra (ORS)
  8. Walt Host - Welcome to Waltmart just got verified on the discord, just having a little trouble getting an ad up. any help would be great, thanks!
  9. Well it took me a lil time to navigate around this etc and please if u need me msg me in game tbh, game takes enough time haha ill try m y best to keep an eye here to ofc, but the RS3 community is ofc where we all are. You all probably seen me and or heard me chatting away some point or another, so now, you'll have to get use to it ahah I Joined RS only 6th march 2019 and play for fun n giggles, no 99 yet but I just make the 2k club and for a couple weeks after visiting a host house Kr0no and another, had such a great time and want to be involved in the community and ha
  10. Hello everybody, my name is Ryan, I play on my 2 skiller accounts, main account is Baby Drumgun, and my other one is a Prayer OSAAT named Archdeacon, I love working on prayer, I've been playing since late 07 or early 08, I'm a Deputy Owner of the Skiller Clan, Level IIIs, on Baby Drumgun I have 10 99s currently but don't have a lot of time to do much right now so am just working on prayer on Archdeacon (currently 33m). If you took the time to read this, thank you and hope to see you out there working on prayer or in the community in general! Happy Skilling, Ryan/Baby Dr
  11. Hello all I'm Jay 22 years old. was prior military in the United States. fairly new to this community. I have already met some of y'all :p. hope to making friends with all of y'all. thanks for having me
  12. So I figured it's about time I signed up to the forums. I've been in the Altar FC for a few years now, took a looong break out recently though as I went travelling around Europe (I'm native to England). I guess just feel free to ask anything, and I look forward to getting to know you all better since there seems to be so many social platforms now!
  13. Hello! I'm Dont Tip. I've been hosting for the past week or two at Rim on OSRS. Figured that I would introduce myself since I've been spending a lot of time in the cc. A little bit about myself: I used to play Runescape back when it was Rs2. Never really got as far on that account as i did on this one. Best item i had back then was the abby whip. I also remember getting granite chestplate because i thought that it was fighter torso. I ended up being forced to quit because they ended up adding an age limit to the game. My favorite skill back then had to be dungeoneering. I remember being obsess
  14. Hello! Some of you may know me and some of you may not, which brings me here . I just found out about the discord and web page! I am an osrs player and i frequently host yanille (dont hate, yan is not obsolete!). i like to 420 when i scape so my sentences might be lil hazy sometimes haha my apologies in advance if anyone wants to add me in game (rsn: holy sip) and get to know one another, i like making friends (: im in the cc but lots of times when i host im adverting on my alt so i dont see much of the cc chat so pm's work to get my attention i also love house parties, not as in just prayer
  15. Hey guys I'm Matej , I just joined the clan today(although you could say i rejoined) and i'm hoping to settle right in with everyone here. I'm a dutch guy not that old but with quite a few years of runescape under his belt, with a comp cape waiting for me to get 120 slayer/invention to wear it again *sigh* My goals are currently to get my comp cape back, to get started studying psychology this summer and well, that's about it i guess Anyway because pictures say more than a thousand words, here's two of them(and a thousand words) whe
  16. Hey everyone! I got introduced to the CC first on 07 about a week ago, I joined started to run bones for people and began to gain the trust of some of the CC members and others in the houses on 330 Rem. Just a little info on my history of RS I started back in 2005 and always enjoyed playing. I played on and off from 2010 till now, I joined the Marines back in 2015 and I now have more time on my hands due to some illness I have encountered, I am still active duty and the sickness will pass. Currently doing chemo thats why i'm off work! So I recently started a new account making it i
  17. Rsn: Aryas Irl Name: Matt From: Canada " I'm 25 " W31 Host - Adv - Community halper - for 5+ yrs Activities: Hockey , Soccer , Volleyball , Snowboarding & Other Shit Things I like To Do For Fun Partying + Gaming + Music + Movies + Tv Shows. Likes: Caring For Others Making Others Happy. Observing Things And Meaningful Conversations Dislikes: Lairs, Selfish People, Careless People Constant Rudeness/Drama
  18. Hi there, My rs name is Sir exquisor and I started to play again after I stopped for a few years. I am really enjoing all the new content and I am now working to max out but mainly focused on pvm and slayer. still need to learn the end bosses but if someone is interested in learning it with me or teach me please let me know:) Some info on me I am 28 years old and living in the Netherlands. When i dont play rs I like to play basketbal and korfbal.
  19. Hello, I am a major prayer and construction enthusiast. I have participated in Altar friends chats since the beginning.
  20. About me Hey what's up everyone! I am an OldSchool RuneScape player named: Dumb Host, I host in World 30 (Rimmy) I have a max house (no tree or dragon) I am currently working on 99 con! If you have any questions or want to chat my discord is: Dumb Host#0418
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