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  1. I been wanting to bossing but was wondering how many people would wanna set up a date and time and what boss so we can rally some troops to do stuff together.
  2. Hi all! Some may know me, some do not. I just wanted to praise the ones continuing this community after all these years! Big thanks? This time I will be starting a "new" F2P RS3 account, but after I've done all free quests I will subscribe and will help with the citadel etc. If there has been any drastic changes during the last 2 years I hope someone can give me some highlights I hope I am still welcome back and hopefully someone remembers me! Best Regards S (In hindsight this post should be in another section, feel free to move it)
  3. Hi Everyone, I've noticed that it has been a while since the last big community event. Seeing that nothing like this has been hosted during my time on OSRS I decided to host one myself. All information regarding the event can be found below. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me via PMs ingame (Username: Of RWBY), via the Altar Community Discord (Of RWBY) or via Discord DM's (Midi#5605). General Information: Event Start: August 1st, 12:00 Game Time Event End: September 1st, 12:00 Game Time Contest Tracker: 07 Altar Skilling C
  4. Proposal: Lets Move W31 Gilded Altar Community to Taverly. Brief description: Lets get w31 POH hosts and Altar FC on track to move to Taverly House Portal from the Yanille Portal. I strongly Urge Hosts to consider the needs of their guests. Perks of Taverly POH (as compared to Yanille): 1.) 7 paces away from Lodestone 2.) Closer bank 3.) Taverly has a larger population of passers-by 4.) more lower level players as creating an account send new players to taverly 5.) Advertisers can reach more new players before they have even begun prayer 6.) Construction lvl 10 is
  5. House Host Tracker Guide Promoted by "Altar" Friends Chat & "07 Altar" Clan Chat Introduction We are proud to announce that we now have a House Host Tracker on Discord. It allows us to add and remove open hosts on the host list for both OSRS and RS3. This list is shown in a table format on our Portal page, Forums page, and on Discord. This will be very helpful for those training Prayer to a certain goal e.g. level 99, 120 or 200M XP. Hosting locations: OSRS - World 330, Rimmington or Yanille. RS3 - World 31, Taverley or Y
  6. Can we discuss some Generals? Loving me some Altar, Magiq, & Warrior.... Aren't they fab? Comments? Discussion?
  7. Hello and welcome to, as well as thank you for taking the time and consideration to view, an update and check-in on the status of Altar Clan in Rs3. Citadel is looking okay, we still have our plots. And its much easier to cap now, takes half the time if you toggle your in-citadel avatar bonus to add resources gathering buff. Please make sure we are capping in rs3 each week, it used to take hours, now it takes 15 minutes . Clan Recruitment has been stagnated, we have had a few hosts here and there join, but we need more than just the occasional host joining up. Plea
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