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  1. Changing my Neutral to +1 as promised. requirements are met. goodjob and goodluck on app~
  2. il stay neutral. but i agree with what godz said. a requirement is a requirement. so i wil also change it if that part is met.
  3. -1 honestly never see you in the FC. and very inactive ingame. when we talked inside the hosts house you where nice but just being nice isn't anough for rankup. also you seem to fundamentally misunderstand the reset command its purpose. i will gladly change it to a +1 once you become more active ingame and in the fc, and proof to understand the commands better/use them properly with the checks needed beforehand
  4. Hello, my name is Asami better known as ilyrana . I'm generally just a rs3 community player that started playing runescape february of 2001. I host alot on rs3 (probably most active host last 2 weeks with a average of 10,5 hours a day ) and am always willing to answer any question aslong as i am able to . Need any help with anything? Feel free to message me ingame and i will see what i can do.
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