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  1. Great Topic @Doinkazoid! Very helpful Rant: I sometimes take things too personally and take things to heart. It weighs on me physically & emotionally. I use drugs & alcohol to numb the pain of my mental anguish. I know that's not a solution and will only aggravate my problems further. I am trying not to let the state of the world affect my outlook on life. I appreciate this community for allowing this type of sharing TLDR: Suffering but trying to get better, one day at a time
  2. Hi Memescapers! Welcome to community! Hope to see you around in the CC & on Discord Have a great day!
  3. Thanks A lot Midi! Sorry for the late reply. I will look into the King of the skill on discord. All the best, Cypher
  4. Hi Gents & Dams, My rsn is I_ICypherI_I Been in the cc for a few weeks now. Been playing rs since early 2000's. Off & On. I was mostly active on RS3 until lately. I'm back on Osrs and I'm lovin the vibe and the nostalgia. From Canada Hope to make new friends and have an impact on the community. Thanks
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