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  1. Now I think this might of been one of the easiest apps I've had to review and make a decision on. Godz is definitely one of the most ambitious helpers, friendly users, and pretty knowledgeable. I don't think there's ever been a time, even when he's made note that he's working that he's in FC still helping some user out in some way, shape, or form. I have to agree with a prior review as they stated in not so many words; " Godz handles even the trolls with no bias." That's a respectable characteristic and I think it's one of your better chips in this game. You're very attentive to the discord b
  2. +1 I have to agree with G0dz, you'd make a good kick rank. You still host a fair bit and help the community in game. You're pleasant to converse with, and active in discord as well. You're level-headed and collected when you encounter issues, and find the right channels in going about a solution. I haven't seen you in your entire recruit rank, but from what I have seen, I think you'd make a good addition. Good luck!
  3. Sorry to hear, but yes, saving is optimally the best bet Marie. I do hope you're able to recoup and get back on track with the schooling . I hope your days since have been better. Also, Godz, I'm glad you had a decent day at work. Yes, people do get frustrating, lmao.
  4. Glad your day was good, Magiq.
  5. Thanks for sharing Shuuby Doo, It's, of course, one of the most trying times people have encountered thus far. That said, it's also a time I can say is beneficial as much as it is the opposing. It's a good moment to spend good, quality, wonderful time with your family. Get back to the bearings of an all-inclusive house hold. I can share the sentiments on employment, as I too, have encountered the same issue. Thankfully, it was my job lost instead of my life. Every day awake is a blessing, and I'm glad that your take-away was that others may have it worse but there is always a bright sid
  6. I do hope users utilize it.
  7. As we know, the past few months have been quite a troublesome few. I'd like to open up the opportunity to promote mental health. If you'd like to get something off your chest, or you'd like to share your day ; please do so. I know most of you are strong, but even in anonymity I'd implore you to bolster your mental health by talking. Not a necessary thing. Just leaving this here for those who may need it. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Just coming to introduce myself. RS3 proud host. Glad to be in the community and glad to establish connections along the way. I do hope to make your acquaintances along the way!
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