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  1. Dear Zmal, +1 b/c you are very helpful with buying rune dart tips. On a more serious note, you are friendly and active in fc and on discord. I think you would make a great recruit. Okkkkkk byeeeee ~ Luna
  2. Koko! I have only known you as a rank for a couple weeks now, but in the couple weeks of interacting with you, you have been nothing but helpful and kind. You are very helpful to others on discord and in fc. You are a very inclusive individual! You're always bringing new ideas to the table and try to figure out ways to make the altar community run smoothly. I think you would make a great sergeant. +1.
  3. +1. You are a very helpful individual in the community! You handle situations well on both discord and in friend chat. You are also very personable and friendly to all. I also appreciate all of your help since joining the altar community and think you would make a great lieutenant!
  4. Thanks for the kind words GODZ! Appreciate your help over the past couple of months!
  5. Your display name: LunaLuvsgood Have you been an active Altar FC Recruit Rank for 2+ months? Yes What date did you get your One Bar Rank? 07/31/20 Have you read the Altar FC Ranking System & Rank Moderation Techniques? Yes Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? G O DZ Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice? Yes Have you Acquired at least 20 Hours of Voice Chat or
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