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  1. Yep, be vigilant. Don't be paranoid, not everyone is a scammer. But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Especially if someone wants you to trade in the wildy.
  2. Yeah there seem to be a large influx of them, so not sure. Just wanted to make everyone aware.
  3. I do have a recording of the livestream that we submitted to the Jagex Community moderators if it's appropriate to share here.
  4. Dear Altar Community! A notice about some scamming. Please be aware of certain players in your altar that appear lower level, but have party hats (typicaly) keepsaked. These players tend to be lower level and will sit idly in your altar. A good chunk of them will be targeting players with expensive items equipped, and will try to gain their friendship by donating cash (usually 25m) and saying (you're my 8, 9, 10th person today)! The goal of these people are to attempt to gain another players trust and eventually lure them into the wilderness with the promise of "scamming the
  5. Just had a lovely first time hosting for about 3 hours! Was a great way to socialize and gain new friends!
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