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  1. I think you're a good guy with good intentions but as it has been echoed already, your moderation skills are lacking and your defusal techniques are not accurate nor effective. I have witnessed on multiple occasions you insta-kicking people that did not deserve a kick (pwnrpizzaman is one of them). If you would have asked any of the ranks that were on that night, they would've told you that Pwnr is an old member who still frequents the CC on his own accord and that he takes part in the friendly joking/berating that we are all involved in. I feel like you lack the ability to accept
  2. King - I'm in IT myself. Though, I'm on the managed services side - a lot of the resources I use are similar or provide something tailored for every field. Check out courses on Udemy. I wish I would've taken the cert route because I racked up some hefty student loans and I could've gotten to where I am now in a much faster and affordable way. Although, a MS in Comp Science is definitely an achievement - a ton of programmers and devops guys I know personally, have gone or are going the cert route. Cheers!
  3. Sup y'all, it's ya boy, sickfuq. Just now joining the forums. Been in the cc for a few years now. Just started getting a little more active on the discord. Hopefully I can become more active and make a better impact in the community. See y'all in game!
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