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    I love playing video games on ps4, and i play rs much as possible

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  1. Welcome to the forum! Glad you finally joined XD
  2. +1 You're friendly and helpful. I'm glad you're back. You even got the command right to unhost an unverified host, which is impressive
  3. +1 You're very helpful and friendly. You handle situations very well, especially last week. I think you'd make a great kick rank. Good luck on your app
  4. +1 Ail, I've saw 1st hand today how you handle situations in your poh. I've also saw how you handle most situations. Take today as an example. Someone was giving you grief for hosting when he wanted to, and you handled the situation very well, and kept calm. I knew what you meant when you did the !namechange command. of course don't add the ( ) when you do it in the hht. You're very nice and helpful to others. I think you'll make a great kick rank. ps, I know you meant you got your 1 bar on march 9th since it's not the future yet lol. One more thing, I think having kick ranks from different time zones will be a great thing. Especially when other's aren't around. Good luck on your app!
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