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  1. I’ll change my -1 to a +1. Massive hand has proven he can be active in the discord and in game. He’s helpful as well. Keep up the good work. Good luck on this application.
  2. I'll have to -1 this application for the time being since you answered no to having the required messages or the 20hrs of voice chat. I will +1 this application if your activity increases. Don't let this -1 discourage you. It's not personal. It just wouldn't be fair to +1 since you don't have 200 messages yet. I'm sure you'll get the 200 messages before the meeting in October.
  3. I unfortunately will have to change my +1 to a -1 due to lack of activity. In the future if you apply for bronze star, and is active a lot, then I will +1 your application
  4. -1 for now. You just recently started playing again, and I think coming back after months away doesn't warrant a 3 bar rank. In all honestly I don't see much from you in the fc or the discord. If I see improvement from you in the discord and the fc before the meeting in September, then I'll gladly +1 this application. Don't let this -1 discourage you at all. Learn and grow from it. Best of luck
  5. +1 as long as you a little more active before the meeting in September. I understand why you aren't active sometimes. It's because you're a firefighter, and that obviously will always come first over anything else. I've noticed you host when there aren't hosts available which is nice. I'd like to see you hosting more, as you said on my applications in the past XD. I do see you helping out in fc a lot when you're not busy at work. Not many bad things happen in the discord, so you really can't show off your moderation techniques as much as you do in the fc. Keep up the great work, and good luck
  6. My day at work was fine, but some customers can be frustrating lmao. I hope everyone else had a great day
  7. Thanks for the info! You did a great job in your research
  8. Good to see you’re finally on the forums. ?
  9. Welcome to the forum! Glad you finally joined XD
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