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    Avid RS3 player, 13 years strong! Love the game and the community :)

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  1. Your display name: Bigorange20 Have you been an active Altar FC Recruit Rank for 2+ months? Yes What date did you get your One Bar Rank? 03/07/20 Have you read the Altar FC Ranking System & Rank Moderation Techniques? Yes Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? Aetherin Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice? Yes Have you Acquired at least 20 Hours of Voice Chat or 200 Text Messages within the last 90 Days in the Altar Server Discord? yes , 172.5 hours, 419 messages What is the command to change a verified host's in-game name on the House Host Tracker? !namechange @user Have you posted consistent and constructive feedback on other players' forum applications? Yes What is your Content Count? 16 Have you recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker? Yes Have you helped others in chat, called open hosts, and understood efficient moderation techniques? Yes What interested you in wanting to become an Altar FC Community Sergeant? I've been a part of this community for a while now and I've made lots of friends, and I'd love to continue working my way through the ranks and be able to help others become involved in the community. What skills do you believe you bring to the table and how do you plan on using these skills to benefit the community as an Altar FC Sergeant? I think I'm quite level headed in problematic situations and I'm able to diffuse issues. I can see both sides when it comes to disagreements or differences in opinions and can use this to help be a leader in the fc and discord. Scenario Question: Multiple people in the FC are arguing with each other, describe how you would handle this situation. I would ask them to change the subject, or take it out of the fc. If they continue, I would pm the people and ask them what the issue is and see if I can help sort it out. If it still continues and they become aggressive towards me, I'd kick the person/people. Scenario Question: Members of the FC are discussing religion and politics, how would you handle this situation as a rank? As long as the conversation remains respectful and isn't an argument it's alright for a while. If the discussion continues for too long or escalates into an issue, I'd ask them to take the conversation out of the fc, and/or pm the people if this was an issue for them. Scenario Question: You receive a complaint via private message about a host in the FC requesting other hosts to close so they can open. How do you handle this situation? I'd pm the host in question and ask them to explain the situation to me. If they insist on being the only host open, I'd let them know that we don't limit hosts and can have any number of hosts at once and can't prioritize one over another. Scenario Question: You receive a complaint about a host using too many adverts. How do you handle this situation? Seeing as the community allows hosts to have one additional personal advert, I'd go to the house portal to check it out for myself. If they had one additional, I'd tell the other person that its allowed and there's nothing to do. if there were multiple, I would pm the host and let them know hosts can only use one additional advert to keep it fair for the other hosts, and they can either remove the extra hosts or unhost them in the tracker. Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share about your experiences in the community? I've had a lot of fun getting to know everybody and I'm really glad I found this community! Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?
  2. Hello! I've been in the Altar FC and Discord for a few months now but only just discovered this forum lol. I'm an active RS3 player and I've hosted a few times already! It's a great community, ya'll are awesome
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