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  1. I've talked to sevn quite often on voice chat and he is a friendly chap. I've also seen him in-game and he's been friendly each time I've seen him. No further comments +1
  2. Has been active in the discord and in game chat, seems to help others where possible. I see no reason not to give a +1.
  3. Yeah I PM'ed him about it and it's all good
  4. As a follow-up to a previous discussion with others, do you understand how to use the !rs3reset command? Otherwise you've been helpful and and I've seen you very active in both FC and Discord as well as hosting quite often so +1.
  5. Blaise

    Hi all

    I started a new RS3 account just recently too, it's been fun. Welcome back.
  6. Z has been very friendly and a great host. Very active as well. Definite +1
  7. Definitely agree with a +1, very friendly in-game and on discord and is hosting quite often.
  8. Very active and has been friendly with all of the interactions I've had. Don't see any reason why I wouldn't give a +1.
  9. Could I get forum/Discord donation ranks? Thanks
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