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    26 y/o potato from Alberta. I love burgers from Five Guys, marathon baths, 420 and tarotmancy. If you need to get a hold of me, add my Discord [Marie#5130] ?

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  1. I needed a place to vent, bah. I think I’m having an okay day other than my fees are due for school Monday and I’m $100 short thanks to an unexpected expense...so I’m kind of trying to grind work on the last day before cut-off to get dollars in (I’m not paid per hour). I really feel bad that I blew through a bunch of my savings this summer and now I had to dip into what I need for school, but I also really have nobody to blame but myself. TL;DR: if you’re not saving money, start doing it.
  2. +1 This thread is very important.
  3. Thank you for the heads up. I haven’t hosted regularly since well before the new year but I’ll be keeping an eye out.
  4. I'm not surprised since it was you who suggested I join, I think!
  5. My name is Marie but you might see me around as Saint Marie in the FC or on Discord (add me at Marie#5130). I'm 26 and I live in western Canada with my cat and my family. Right now, I'm working on going back to school so I can apply for university. I'm only missing 4 good marks for what I want to study. I hope to go for a BSc in Psychology, but I'm willing to settle for a BA too if I find it too intense. In my spare time I like playing RS3, managing my clan, doing tarot readings, smoking 420 and obeying my feline master. I love the altar community and I joined last year as a host. Y'
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