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  1. To do: + Add efficient questing order + Update the new max house requirements & teleports list, as per the new additions.
  2. Missed information on Workshops, so have updated this to include that also. ?
  3. Thank you, will sort that out in a bit ? must've missed that bit!
  4. This is the forum for Altar, so it wouldn't be right for this to be anywhere else on this list. When players think of training Prayer, they seek out a Gilded Altar to take advantage of the 350% Prayer experience it provides. If you are letting other players use your house, a Gilded Altar is a must. It requires 75 Construction to build. You can read more about it here. Mounting an Amulet of Glory in your Player Owned House gives you unlimited charges, making it a great way to have an extra set of teleports as well as providing that same utility to others. A
  5. Welcome to this guide on Player Owned House unlocks; this guide exists to help you know what is needed to unlock the key popular player owned house features. This guide assumes that you only want the ability to build a key listed unlock, without taking into account anything that isn't listed within the guide. Note that this means building objects with low or no functionality will not be included. I do not include skill boosts in this guide. If you want to use skill boots, check the Wiki page. Key unlocks with no quest requirements for normal accounts:
  6. Thank you - you also Getting somewhat close with construction so should hopefully be soon! Have been drafting layouts.
  7. That's quite a difference... You'd hope they'd be added to both if they prove popular. ? Thank you both ? look forward to getting to know you both better over time.
  8. Hey Tony! Hopefully will see you around at some point. Backup hosting sounds like an excellent idea, didn't think of it like that... I may need to steal that one from you ? - not sure how viable it'd be with mobile, but could be really useful.
  9. Hey everyone! I've been planning on getting 99 Construction for a while now (partially to help host altars) so I thought it was about time I introduced myself here, seeing as it is inevitable. I'm quite a bit of a lurker, but I'll try to break that habit as time goes on. A few years ago I used to open quite a bit on RuneScape 3. I'm planning on trying to max out my house before hosting, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that fairy rings and spirit trees now have POH options - I suppose that's what happens if you're gone for a long time! It should be an int
  10. Hey there ? Just donated, was wondering if it's possible to spill donations into the next month once the goal is reached?
  11. Thank you, this is quite useful. I plan on getting Construction to 99 soon and then opening house as I was going to alch anyway and it'd be nice to let people train in the meantime.
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