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    as a relative newbie just want to mention Kil was the one who helped me join the Altar Discord when I first started hosting with you all and he went above and beyond in making sure I knew how to register and host, answering all questions I had about HHT, and it really made me want to become a member of this community! Nothing but respect for Kil and I think that kind of kindness is a great quality for a rank to have. I also want to mention that his adverts were wonderful to have during my first few hosts as I figured things out and also he was very active in the chat notifying folks of open hosts. He also was constantly checking on open hosts to keep the HHT up to date, I can personally verify this as he was in and out of my portal to verify that I was still open and hosting.
  2. You have acquired 1x C0dy. Greetings! As some of you already know, I'm Cody! I have joined the Altar community somewhat recently after obtaining 99 Construction in OSRS. Since then, I have opened my house for hosting a few times a week and found out about the 07 Altar CC/Discord where I am grateful for the warm welcome. Your boy loves heavy music, whiskey, and retro video games. (Vintage Sega is the way to my heart). I produce electronic music from time to time under the alias perpetually awake and am also an amateur graphic designer in my spare time. I started RuneScape in late 2005 and played off and on until around 2012/2013 on the maingame before leaving. When Old School RuneScape was announced my friends and I were there day one, but I'd say the last six months or so is where I deeply fell in love with the game again, and began to play regularly. My account is now 10 99s deep with several more right around the corner. According to the !stats function on the Altar Discord I have already hosted over 24 hours with you all and I look forward to many, many more as it has been nothing but an incredible experience. I have struggled with mental health issues in the past, where I learned that spending time with like-minded individuals is a powerful thing. I am honored to be a part of the support system you have created here to help the players of this game.
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