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  1. Just wanted to amend this to note that I have exceeded the 100 HHT score (admittedly mostly due to trying to keep the Rimmington hosts up to date in the chaos of the Host Board lol)
  2. Your display name: C0dy Have you been an active 07 Altar Recruit Rank for at least 2+ months? Yes What date did you get your One Bar Rank? 07/06/19 Have you read the 07 Altar CC Ranking System & Rank Moderation Techniques? Yes Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? No Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice? Yes Have you Acquired at least 20 Hours of Voice Chat or 200 Text Messages within the last 90 Days in the Altar Server Discord? 282 text Please list your House Host Tracker Activity Score and make sure that it is at least 100+ . 38 (108 as of 6:40 EST on 9/14) Have you posted consistent and constructive feedback on other players' forum applications? Yes What is your forum post count? 5 Have you recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker? Yes Have you helped others in chat, called open hosts, and understood efficient moderation techniques? Yes What interested you in wanting to become an 07 Altar Community Sergeant? I really enjoy being a part of this community. Though I have been unable to host as much as I would like due to working toward maxing several skills, I try consistently to inform players joining for the first timeof the open hosts, and assisting new hosts in using the HHT. My HHT activity score is the one requirement I have not met (met as of 9/14) but since maxing Slayer and Herblore I have been actively working on updating the HHT where I can and I hope I can open for hosts again soon. (Full disclosure: There is another host who uses the name "Cody House" or "Codys Host" - these are not accounts owned by me so I cannot take credit for any hosting activity. Just wanted to mention it as a couple of folks have mentioned confusion to me lately - my accounts always have the 0 in the name.) What skills do you believe you bring to the table and how do you plan on using these skills to benefit the community as an 07 Altar CC Sergeant? I am quite active in the CC when I am not taking part in PVM activities with friends, so I have become familiar with regulars and the CC rules. As a Recruit rank, I have also worked on documenting screenshots of offences and posting them in the #osrs-rank Discord channel when necessary on the few times when no kick ranks were available in the CC. I used to serve as a kick rank for a skilling clan so I believe I have the necessary judgment and situation-defusing abilities to help make Altar CC a better place. Scenario Question: Multiple people in the cc are arguing with each other, describe how you would handle this situation. I would begin by politely asking them to either cease their argument or take it to PM. I tend to operate on a 3 strike basis and I make this known verbally. Should the argument continue, I will inform them that they have been warned a second time, and if the behavior does not cease I will have to kick them should the argument continue past that point. Kicking is always a last resort though, and I believe I fully understand the difference between friendly banter and genuine arguments. Scenario Question: Members of the cc are discussing religion and politics, how would you handle this situation as a rank? These topics are obviously very sensitive. Politics in particular, cause rifts between people on a regular basis. Religion can do the same thing, but I also do not ever wish to insult another's beliefs. I would warn participants in any situation where the chat becomes offensive to participate in. Scenario Question: You receive a complaint via private message about a host in the cc requesting other hosts to close so they can open. How do you handle this situation? No host is "better" than the others. I would very likely ask if the PM could provide me a screenshot of said behavior through Discord though, to verify the legitimacy of the claim. If the screenshot could be procured I would attempt to warn the person in question and forward the screenshot to the rank chat. If not, I would keep an eye on said individual if they were in the CC, and perhaps ask other open hosts if they have experienced any similar phenomenon. Scenario Question: You receive a complaint about a host using too many adverts. How do you handle this situation? Politely inform the complaint's author that many hosts use alternate accounts to advertise their host. I would inform them that only the 07 Altar adverts are under our control, and while they are free for all to use, many other hosts tend to employ their own advertising in addition to our own. Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share about your experiences in the community? I have truly enjoyed my time here in 07 Altar and eagerly anticipate seeing it continue to grow. Thanks to everyone for all that you do, and I hope I can be of further service to the community.
  3. You have acquired 1x C0dy. Greetings! As some of you already know, I'm Cody! I have joined the Altar community somewhat recently after obtaining 99 Construction in OSRS. Since then, I have opened my house for hosting a few times a week and found out about the 07 Altar CC/Discord where I am grateful for the warm welcome. Your boy loves heavy music, whiskey, and retro video games. (Vintage Sega is the way to my heart). I produce electronic music from time to time under the alias perpetually awake and am also an amateur graphic designer in my spare time. I started RuneScape in late 2005 and played off and on until around 2012/2013 on the maingame before leaving. When Old School RuneScape was announced my friends and I were there day one, but I'd say the last six months or so is where I deeply fell in love with the game again, and began to play regularly. My account is now 10 99s deep with several more right around the corner. According to the !stats function on the Altar Discord I have already hosted over 24 hours with you all and I look forward to many, many more as it has been nothing but an incredible experience. I have struggled with mental health issues in the past, where I learned that spending time with like-minded individuals is a powerful thing. I am honored to be a part of the support system you have created here to help the players of this game.
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