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  1. Another friendly voice in the CC I always see hosting! Rather delighted so many others have applied +1
  2. I will add this to what is becoming a mongol horde of my +1s
  3. +1! Saved a lot of empty spots in Yan that was always a bugger to cover. Good induction to the CC to help keep the side up as everyone wants to contest Rim
  4. Appleby


    A +1 from me now Altar has kindly clarified I do actually have a vote ^_^ Contxt has always been quick answering questions and listing hosts; and has been a credible asset to the calibre of discussion. Pending the (potential?) requirements of time in service - he would make a fine sergeant for the CC
  5. Forgot to mention I was made a host-tracker moderator before I applied
  6. Remember when you first started hosting Shan Nice to see you stayed on as well
  7. Not sure if I get a vote But Host Isle is a great guy
  8. Your display name: Caer Have you read/followed the Global Rules? Yes Have you joined Altar Community Discord? Yes Have you been active in 07 Altar Community for 2+ weeks? Yes Which of these conditions have you satisfied within the 07 Altar Community? Expressed interest in obtaining a rank. Has verified on the House Host Tracker and hosted a minimum of 2 hours. Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? Jalamanta What interested you in wanting to become an 07 Altar Community Helper (Smiley)? I've been in 07 Altar pretty much every time I came back despite offers from friends' clans, so I thought I'd finally apply for rank. This hosting community has been nothing but helpful to me so I think I'm stuck here for good now :) How did you discover the 07 Altar Community? Insomnist and MountedCoins helped me out with a bot when I restarted osrs. The memory of manually advertising haunts me still! Please share any feedback you have. Conversation is a bit different from how I remember it >_>. Nice to see some of the old faces still about though!
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