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  1. +1 always respectful and willing to fill in. Just for future apps make sure you read every question in the app Have you provided feedback on a forum application? Yes What is your forum post count? 0
  2. Agree with guam -1 for now also with the hht requirement is only at 150 I don't feel many of the 3 bar ranks update it as much as they should be doing as is with a hht score of 180 so far it doesn't seem like you have been updating as much when there is a lot of opportunity as I have seen. seen you in the cc a lot but no tracker update but the cc interactions are awesome when you are there.
  3. Have not seen you in cc I am neutral on this as well
  4. -1 i just noticed the tracker requirements. love the cc interactions as well as the helpful answers he does answer though.
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