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  1. Thank you. Ill try to get more active in the clan chat aswell
  2. Your display name: Fordje Have you read/followed the Global Rules? Yes Have you joined Altar Community Discord? Yes Have you been active in 07 Altar Community for 2+ weeks? Yes Which of these conditions have you satisfied within the 07 Altar Community? Has verified on the House Host Tracker and hosted a minimum of 2 hours. Provided feedback on a forum application. Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? Areolas What interested you in wanting to become an 07 Altar Community Helper (Smiley)? I like to help out others wichever way im able to, like opening up my house for them or helping out in the clan chat How did you discover the 07 Altar Community? Because I read about it cause I wanted to train prayer myself, thats how I rolled in Please share any feedback you have. Im 28 years old, living in Belgium. Started RS back in 2004 and recently picked up OSRS again because a few co-workers also play it :-)
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