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  1. -1 I personally have not seen Kyle in the CC/Discord until the last couple of days. They also did not seem to be aware of the rules or the house tracker commands when we were hanging out in VC the other night. I would like to see Kyle build up his content count and cc/disc activity and attaining a better understanding of the rules and the commands before +1'ing. Anonymous poster hash: 5649a...9f7
  2. -1 I haven't been as active as I was previously but I do login multiple times a day and I'm in the VC on Disc when others are typically. I have seen Norbb in the Discord lately but I think they need some more activity and a stronger understanding of the rules and discord commands. Anonymous poster hash: 9b2aa...008
  3. +1 all the way for drag, i mean you can bully him and he wont kick, it would be nice seeing him as a silver star. -only con is c0dy cant kick him for fun no more Anonymous poster hash: 1c097...396
  4. Ive seen meno on quite a few times in cc and he's pretty chilled, idk bout all the other stuff that goes on so id +1 Anonymous poster hash: 1dc42...bfa
  5. +1 I've seen a big improvement from Meno since the beginning of this application. He has been a bit more active on discord and in chat, which was what i was on the fence about last time. Anonymous poster hash: cbd09...57c
  6. -1 Although I'm a big fan of Drag0nite, I feel this application is a tad bit early (not just time requirement, but the maturity of the rank itself). Keep at it bud, you'll get there Anonymous poster hash: 43d1e...4af
  7. Your display name: Norbb How did you discover the 07 Altar Community? Bot advert Have you read/followed the Global Rules? Yes Have you been active in 07 Altar Community for 2+ weeks? Yes What is your Forum Account creation date? 08/28/20 Have you posted constructive feedback on another player's forum application? No What is your Content Count? 0 Have yo
  8. ayo, welcome back Trevor! I'm always down to give returning ranks their ranks back, because real life problems should always take priority over the game. However, like Shred said, there is a lot of things that are different, and you should try and catch up on that asap. Discord has become a big part of the community, so it would be nice if you were a bit familiar with the commands. It'll be nice if you started back off as a 3 bar (i had to go apply for a bronze star after i took a 2yr hiatus) if that interests you. -Areolas Anonymous poster hash: 1f97b...f80
  9. -1. First I’d like to say welcome back. It’s always nice when a old rank returns. In saying that, I’m going to stick with a -1. You don’t know the commands to run the tracker which is a major part of being a rank. You also don’t meet several requirements for this rank including both discord activity and cc activity. I feel personally that you need to meet these requirements for any rank, but especially for a higher rank like lieutenant. -Shredder133 Anonymous poster hash: dce05...bba
  10. gonna have to leave a -1 on this app for a couple of reasons years ago, i was ranked in the cc as well. i quit the game and lost my rank, so when i came back to the game i applied for a rank again almost immediately without putting time into the cc, so my app got some downvotes. i think the application i had put in that day and this one here are very similar. i have not seen you in the cc or discord very often, but that can change quite easily. also you left a couple questions on the application blank, some of which were important to us getting to know you. filling these in on your next a
  11. Your display name: iSlayGiants Have you been an active 07 Altar Sergeant Rank for 4+ months? No What date did you get your Three Bar Rank? 01/01/16 Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? Have you posted consistent and constructive feedback on other players' forum applications? No What is your Content Count? 0 Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice?
  12. Even after the time of the meeting you still won't be at the 4 month mark. Whilst exceptions have been made in the past to overlook this requirement either due to being an exceptional rank or as recently done, to increase the amount of leadership ranks in the respective community. This was recently done with Flutterskye and C0dy however we've had several silver stars and Admins/Founders return recently so this is no longer the case. Whilst I love the meme there was no actual follow up reason As already pointed out by Meno the correct command is !cleanup and ther
  13. Dragonite! Start off by saying you’re a great asset to the 07 altar community man. Always very helpful to anyone and everyone in the cc, rank or noob. Always go the extra mile when people ask for advice and make sure who ever had a problem understands how to fix it. You are for sure someone I look up to when trying to learn how to moderate the cc. There was a small issue between you and shredder that could have been handled better but that’s been talk about already. Although you don’t have the required time for rank up, i know there is some exceptions at times and you
  14. As others have mentioned, you are a very positive person to be around and i believe will make a great rank. +1 from me! Anonymous poster hash: d41d8...27e
  15. As others have mentioned, you do not meet the requirements for the time for a rank up. Your one incident doesn't diminish your past efforts, positive energy, and ability to properly moderate the CC. You take pride in properly explaining things to people not only on the Runescape topic, but general things as well, which I love and know you will continue to do. You are a valued member of the community and I would love you for you to apply once you meet the time requirements, but as of now my vote is -1. Wish you all the best, Drag0nite! Anonymous poster hash: d41d8...27e
  16. No, it is !cleanup Given your previous answer "by continuing to give my opinion regarding more ambiguous CC rules in meetings and in general" could you elaborate a little here? Not because I want to push you on the issue, but because I agree with the sentiment that there is some ambiguity in how rules are enforced in the CC, and I want to hear your opinion. Hey, this isn't four months? I want to highlight another situation that I believe you handled well in the end, and that was your recent conversation with Shredder regarding colleges/unis/degre
  17. I'm going to -1 for now. Though he answered yes, Dragonite hasn't met the time requirement of 4 months as Lieutenant. I also feel that there have been some situations lately he has been involved in that could have been handled better. That said we all love Drag and I just hope he doesn't find himself discouraged because he is a great guy who I think we all truly want to see succeed whether he sees it that way or not Anonymous poster hash: d41d8...27e
  18. Haiiii, and welcome to my reply, Flooooofyyyy! always positive , and always recruiting people into the discord. Always very active , and helpful in the cc when you can . +1 k thx baii -Son Rodo Anonymous poster hash: d41d8...27e
  19. Your display name: Drag0nite Have you been an active 07 Altar Lieutenant Rank for 4+ months? Yes What date did you get your Bronze Star Rank? 06/07/20 Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? Hell nah this is all me baby Have you posted consistent and constructive feedback on other players' forum applications? Yes What is your Content Count? 34 Have you been active in Discord
  20. easy +1. I love the plugs in the cc for discord Anonymous poster hash: d41d8...27e
  21. +1 This man Fluffy is active in the community, always helping people and linking to the Discord, and like said above is generally very positive. Helps make the CC an inviting, positive environment Anonymous poster hash: d41d8...27e
  22. +1 for the Fluffy. Very helpful to new people in the chat, as well as always offering the discord link to people whenever we're on and inviting people to come hang out with us. Seems to be a very positive influence in the clan. Anonymous poster hash: d41d8...27e
  23. Most reliable quester in all of osrs/rs3. +1 any day. Anonymous poster hash: d41d8...27e
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