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  1. I'll +1 this, Whilst ironically I somehow haven't seen you ingame in the 2 weeks I know that you will more than likely treat the OSRS CC the same as you treat the RS3 FC. For those unaware as Respy said, Flutter is a Lieutenant on RS3. I have no doubt that Flutter will be active in the CC and will no doubt be a great addition to the ranked OSRS team.
  2. I'm going to -1 currently. Whilst is true that you have now met the HHT requirement with good improvement in your score you sadly don't meet the time requirement. I don't feel I've seen enough moderation wise from you to warrant a "early" rankup either. That being said you're doing well and you've made considerable improvements on the HHT side proving that you are willing to improve to get the rankup. If you continue improving I don't doubt that you'll get the rankup when you meet the time requirement at the start of October.
  3. @MagiqThe man has done it, Someone give this guy a cookie. Agree with your statement there Magiq
  4. Based on the fact Kara now meets the 50+ HHT score requirement I'll change my response to a +1.
  5. Will change this to a +1 now, Seen more of him lately
  6. +1 Seen him hosting around, Based on Altars comment about being unaware of the CC its safe to presume Chaddie will move along to be an active member of the CC
  7. Also I should clarify now, The reason I said "No" to being a Sergeant for 4 Months is because I technically haven't been. I have however spoken to Warrior and confirmed that I am allowed to apply so long as it has been 4 months as of my time of rankup, Provided my guessing is right the next community meeting is the 7th which will be a few days after the 4 month mark. Of course if players feel that it hasn't been long enough then thats fair and justified. Cheers
  8. Your display name: Of RWBY Have you been an active 07 Altar Sergeant Rank for 4+ months? No What date did you get your Three Bar Rank? 05/05/19 Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? JB87 Have you posted consistent and constructive feedback on other players' forum applications? Yes What is your forum post count? 48 Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice? Yes Have you Acquired at least 30 Hours of Voice Chat or 300 Text Messages within the last 90 Days in the Altar Server Discord? Yes, 3550 Messages & 6 Hours VC Please list your House Host Tracker Activity Score and make sure that it is at least 150+ . 568 Have you recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker? Yes Have you helped others in chat, called open hosts, and applied efficient moderation techniques? Yes What interested you in wanting to become an 07 Altar Community Lieutenant? I've been in the 07 Altar community from the first day I started OSRS in February this year, Throughout that time I have stepped up to Sergeant in both the OSRS CC & RS3 FC and I wish to continue moving up the ranks to become a pillar of the community. This community definitely stands out in OSRS as a CC that accepts any and all players regardless of experience and offers to help with anything game-wise rather than exclusively targeting Altars, Something different communities I've been apart of lack. My statements in previous applications still apply, This community has done a lot for me particularly when I started in OSRS and I still wish to give back to the community and improve it wherever possible, whilst hopefully taking on more responsibility to share the load between the current leaders. Scenario Question: Someone in the chat asks "What do hosts get out of hosting?" and someone replies "they get donations", how would you handle this situation? Whilst this is in fact true, I would also clarify to the players involved that there are hosts that simply host to help the community, Whilst donations are more than likely always appreciated by our hosts they aren't required. Of course, there will always be those who host for money the reality is that the percentage of them is very small in comparison to those that host for the community. If in the event that the player/s feel that all hosts or a majority of hosts are in it for the money. I'd simply explain to them exactly what I see on our discord, A majority of Verified OSRS hosts will generally open with little to no notice so players can continue using G Altars, Sometimes with little to no thanks. Scenario Question: MULTIPLE people in the cc are arguing with each other, and when you step in to intervene, they turn on you and hurl personal insults at you. How do you handle this situation? They're welcome to hurl insults at me, Nothing I haven't handled before. I'd initially deduce the situation as to what was being argued about and why. I'd then move along to warn them that this behaviour is not tolerated and/or welcomed in the CC and politely ask them to end the conversation. Moving along if a few of them were still arguing and hurling insults I'd then warn them a second time, Stating that If they were unable to drop the conversation and move along I would have no choice but to kick them. In the event that they are still arguing shortly after I'd proceed to give them a final warning that if the conversation wasn't dropped in the next 30 seconds or so they will be removed from the CC for an hour. In the event that they come back an hour later and pick up where they left off, it'd be just the one warning followed by a kick with screenshots. If complications further continued with the select player/s I'd request a reduced tolerance/ban. Question: Being a good role model is important as a high rank. Why/how does being a good role model improve the community? Having a ranking system shows that there is structure in any community, If a new member sees a sergeant abusing another player they will think that kind of behaviour is tolerated in the CC. Whereas if a new player were to see a sergeant actively helping people and being friendly they'll have much more of a positive feeling from the CC. Being a good role model improves the overall positivity of the community and also helps increase general activity in the community as a majority of players prefer to be around positivity. Whilst its important that high ranks are role models the reality is every that every rank is a role model in some way shape or form. Question: How do you, as a person, handle stressful situations or pressure? I'd personally say that I handle stressful situations well and can handle a large amount of pressure. I don't get stressed easily and due to experience from my job, I can handle relatively large amounts of pressure. Question: Describe your leadership style and how would it be beneficial to the community? My leadership style is mostly, Get in and do it with the team. Bosses sit in a chair and do nothing, Leaders get in and help their team and show them how to do it. Getting in and working with the current ranked members is the easiest way to improve the community and making sure everyone is on the same page in regards to moderation and whats acceptable/unacceptable. Describe how you have grown as a leader within the community and how being a rank has made you evolve/mature? I definitely feel that I have a lot more patience compared to 9 months ago when I first returned to RS3, I feel like that is down to a combination due to changes in my personal life as well as my time in the Altar community as a whole. Throughout my time in the CC I've also refined my moderation style to incorporate the prefered methods of the community. Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share about your experiences in the community? I currently don't have any feedback to add, there has been a lot of work done behind the scenes lately to improve the community as a whole from Warrior creating and updating the Prayer/Construction calculators through to Meno creating and working on the Advertiser Tracker Bot. We've also been hands-on in the CC with ranks working to ensure the CC is free of toxicity through to JB & I hosting a skilling contest to bring a classic event back to the CC. Everyone just needs to continue the good work.
  9. Gonna stay neutral, I feel like i've seen you around but I haven;t seen much of you ingame. Will happily change to a +1 if i see you ingame
  10. I'm happy to change my answer to a +1 provided that if Tify proves to be active again he can reapply for his original rank or close to. I agree with Flutter that it should be on a case by case basis and decided by the community. Perhaps a reapplication section could be created
  11. Time and Patience, I know exactly what you mean though. My brother has gotten 1bil gp drops and shit before whilst the most ive had is 10mil. Granted he does more than me
  12. +1 Dude is incredibly active, helpful in CC, FC & Discord. Not to mention he has proven time and time again that he's a valuable asset to the community even without being a ranked member of the FC.
  13. -1, I don't believe Tify should be stripped of his rank as a whole. Captain is no light achievement and proves that he was a valuable member of the community. That being said due to the amount of inactivity keeping anything above Sergeant is unrealistic. Can also confirm that Tify is not active within the OSRS community.
  14. I plan on doing an RS3 version next month. Don't feel like doing both games at the same time yknow?
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