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  1. +1 Always had great interactions with Matt throughout my few months in OSRS. He's been extremely helpful and can diffuse heated situations without the use of kicks.
  2. I'll also stay as -+0, I haven't seen enough of you to warrant a +1 I believe this is mainly due to our timezone differences. However I will add in that the times I have seen you you've been active and friendly and I've had nothing but positive interactions with you in discord. However I'm happy for my vote to side with those that are on at the same time.
  3. Thanks a lot Meno, Aerolas gave me hht helper about 48 hours ago, Didn't realise my score was that high though
  4. I think this is mainly due to the timezone difference, I live in Australia (Currently 3am) so I think our timezones probably just don't lineup I'd say. Thanks a lot for the +1 though man
  5. +1 Super friendly and active in both the CC/Discord. Also his HHT score is pretty good for a singular month
  6. +1, Quite active in my timezone, Helpful and willing to share his knowledge of the game.
  7. Your display name: Of RWBY Have you read/followed the Global Rules? Yes Have you joined Altar Community Discord? Yes Have you been active in 07 Altar Community for 2+ weeks? Yes Which of these conditions have you satisfied within the 07 Altar Community? Expressed interest in obtaining a rank. Have you been recommended to apply by another rank? No What interested you in wanting to become an 07 Altar Community Helper? Over the past few years I've been apart of the RS3 Altar FC, Upon moving to OSRS I also moved to 07Altar FC. Over my playtime in RS3/OSRS Altar has done quite a bit for me in terms of training all skills as a whole and learning more about the game, OSRS Especially for this. Considering how much the FC has done for me in both games I figured it's about time I at least tried to give something back. How did you discover the 07 Altar Community? Already knew of it through my playtime in RS3, I learnt of the Altar FC's as a whole about 3-5 years ago when I was getting 99 prayer on my main account on RS3. Please share any feedback you have. I currently do not have any feedback to offer, Only comment would be regarding the downtime the HHT Bot has but that is out of your control and I know you guys are working towards building your own server to run it off. Keep up the solid work you guys are already doing.
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