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  1. Midi approved the submission
  2. Yo man, Welcome to the forums. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the CC on OSRS, if you're looking for any help or what not you can ask for tips in the OSRS channel in Discord. If you're looking for a good reason to train and potentially make some side cash I highly recommend looking at the "King of the skill" contest that's being hosted by one of the OSRS silvers JB87, We're about halfway through the skills but there's still plenty of opportunity to participate in the remaining weeks. Just reacted to the "OSRS King of the Skill" role emote in the #roles channel on discord and you can l
  3. Thank you for the donation <3, Updated your forum badge and added the donator role to you on discord. Feel free to contact an admin/founder if you'd like a custom discord role/color.
  4. This sheer attitude towards a rank is a contributing factor as to why you were banned. Locking all further replies to this topic.
  5. Guess they've recently started using Altars to find people, Haven't seen anything like this done before but I haven't really been around many altars for the past 2 weeks or so.
  6. Yeah I was playing RS3 before OSRS but I swapped to OSRS to take a break, Ended up just coming back and maxing RS3
  7. Yeah I don't play OSRS much anymore I've swapped back to RS3 but I'll drop by if I see you're hosting!
  8. Oh damn, Thats a name I haven't seen for a while. Welcome back mate and good luck with the hosting!
  9. Well if we're sharing photos of setups I don't have any other photos cause I recently moved my PC and changed my actual setup lmao. Aside from that welcome to the community man
  10. Can I get the Lieutenant badge for OSRS added please? Cheers
  11. ╔══════════════╦═══════════╦══════════════╗ ║ Skill ║ XP Gained ║ Winner ║ ╠══════════════╬═══════════╬══════════════╣ ║ Attack ║ 7,154,569 ║ TommySixToes ║ ╠══════════════╬═══════════╬══════════════╣ ║ Strength ║ 3,783,862 ║ Sid The Cat ║ ╠══════════════╬═══════════╬══════════════╣ ║ Defence ║ 3,215,812 ║ Qzed ║ ╠══════════════╬═══════════╬══════════════╣ ║ Hitpoints ║ 4,913,516 ║ TommySixToes ║ ╠══════════════╬═══════════╬══════════════╣ ║ Ranged ║ 3,122,494 ║ Sid The Cat ║ ╠══════════════╬═══════════╬══════════════╣ ║ Prayer ║ 9,047,100 ║
  12. Good in-depth guide man, However in the max house skill list you have Farming as 49 but to have a "Maxed house" you require 83 farming in order to plant a spirit tree in your poh. I did notice that you had it in the "Key Unlocks" section with the correct level/s so perhaps you could rename the "Max house skill list" to something along the lines of "Minimum Skill Reqs for Quests"
  13. Welcome to the community mate, Look forward to seeing you around!
  14. Time and Patience, I know exactly what you mean though. My brother has gotten 1bil gp drops and shit before whilst the most ive had is 10mil. Granted he does more than me
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