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    RS3 4 Life, Online everyday. Love to teach bosses I know and looking to learn the ones I don't. Add me in game and lets Kill

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  2. I was hanging out with you w100 Shanty Pass this morning ?
  3. I drive on door dash and they have it so if someone wants to schedule that they're going active they can up to 6 days in advanced, but at the same time if enough orders come in that the one scheduled person can't handle people are still allowed to activate but if there are no orders on the scheduled person is able to activate in the area. Something like that may work out.
  4. The system isn't broken let's not try to do that. What will happen when a scheduled host can't finish their schedule and other hosts are occupied doing things that they're now doing because they can only host on a schedule and don't want to pick up the slack?
  5. 1/4 0.08% Good luck
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