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  1. I kinda forgot to do one of these so here it is XD Hello everyone I'm madden and I plan on doing streaming, advertising, and hosting for the clan. Jess was my first host and helped me out in learning what to do, then Skye made me join the discord and ultimately the clan in general as a host myself. Feel free to stop in any of my streams, most of the time i just stream Runescape 3 and a lot of it is just Gilded Altar hosting, I'm willing to help train people in how to host to add a visual aide in addition to a verbal walk through so that all of our hosts are prepared and good to host for a long time!
  2. Jess is always helpful to everyone and i have never seen you decline any request for help. No one ever has a problem with you and if they do it's only because you are so nice xD. You have been an amazing friend and are even the reason i joined the clan as you were my first ever host. Every time a host needs help you're there and even if they just need to get verified you're there to help them get to the discord and get verified to make sure they can get their ads and to promote the community. I believe you would be a perfect addition to the Lieutenant role. DEFINITELY a +1 from me! +1
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