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  1. I agree with Areolas; I see you hosting quite a lot, but you are not as active in the CC as you could be. However, just like Areolas, I still think you would make a great addition to the community. When you are in the CC you tend to be positive and contribute to the conversation, so keep doing that! +1
  2. Probably a time-zone issue, as I see rwby online quite a lot. In general I'd say rwby is very helpful in the CC, and often takes the initiative to check on or update hosts. Althoug added as a HHT Helper just recently, rwby has an activity score of 38! I believe he/she would make a great addition to the ranks, +1
  3. Have you been active in 07 Altar Community for 2+ months? Yes -- Besides the 99 Prayer party you had today (gz), I have not seen you enough to be able to form an opinion. +/- 0
  4. Life consistently contributes to discussion and moderation in the CC, while actively recruiting hosts to our discord and showing them the ropes. I am happy to give my +1 +1
  5. Since I joined the CC, b0w stuck out when it came to providing consistent and good advice for players. He has demonstrated capability to resolve disputes within the CC, and I wholeheartedly support his application. +1
  6. Like the others, I can't give you a plus one as you don't meet the minimum requirements. But please come back when you do +- 0
  7. I would strongly recommend against a rank for April Shower, due to graphic language in the CC, as demonstrated here. You are definitely active in the community, but before you get my recommendation I would need to see an improvement in behaviour. -1
  8. Welcome! We look forward to see you hosting with us. Take a look at our rules, our hosting guide, and our short list of useful threads! Happy hosting!
  9. 'THICC SUSHI' on reduced tolerance, perhaps, although bow got it under control. Either way, here is a screencap for future reference.
  10. +0 - Generally pleasant, but haven't seen enough of you in the CC, have also not seen you help others significantly but you definitely contribute to a good community.
  11. +0 - All interaction with ilvl magic has been great, but I have not seen him enough to make a recommendation.
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