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  1. Baby shark is a wonderful presence in the CC, and I have the impression that he is genuinely interested in the community. While his english isn't top-notch YET, I don't believe it will be a barrier to aiding guest/hosts or moderating the CC as a smiley. +1
  2. Shandog has been a great smiley, and I'm confident he will make for an even better seargent. He consistently interacts with the community in the CC and on Discord, and hosts frequently. When not hosting, he does not hesitate to advertise current hosts in the chat. +1
  3. Menomenta


    While I, and many others, appreciate the effort you put in towards the community, I'm going to to give my temporary -1. I would love for you to be more active in the CC, because when you are the conversations are usually great. In terms of moderation, what do you mean by "More moderations to the cc"? Do you have any specific or general feedback that, e.g. lack of moderators online, lack of "power" as a smiley, etc.? And like b0w said, if you stay in the CC and we all can get to know you a bit better you would make for a great rank.
  4. Host Isle has been a great addition to the CC in terms of chat and hosting presence. Additionally, he readily shares of his in-game knowledge when questions arise in the CC. I believe he would make for a good rank. +1
  5. Welcome! We look forward to see you hosting with us. Take a look at our rules, our hosting guide, and our short list of useful threads! Happy hosting!
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