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    Eeey!!! I'm Skye, and I LOVE to host. You can always find me on discord and in-game come say hi !

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  1. I think puddin would be a great addition to the ranks in the altar fc. He's very friendly and helpful and is very very active in discord! +1
  2. Hey Kali, it's nice to see you join the calls once and a while! Hope to see you in game
  3. Name: "P E G Y D A" Reason: He has been in and out of the friends chat for about a month now and he gets kicked literally everyday. I'm personally sick of seeing these comments in the friends chat. Can we please ban him?
  4. Lmaoooo welcome Madden you're definitely new here. I hope you can help with advertising and possibly try hosting for your first time. Add me in game FlutterSkye, Looking forward to seeing you in game xD
  5. Jess my love, you always have been a huge help to the community. You always seem to be there when we need you most. You of all people deserve this ! +1
  6. Hey ! I'm glad you got a chance to sign up. I'm looking forward to seeing you hosting soon, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
  7. Hey song ?. Thanks for joining us, looking forward to seeing you in game soon!
  8. FlutterSkye


    Hi ;qsjdhs,bfdcqqjrwkg
  9. Hey Gela nice to have you around, hope to see you hosting soon!! ?
  10. Hey LoveHelp nice to have you around, ?
  11. Hello!!! I'm new to the altar community here. It's always been a goal and dream of mine to be a host for gilded alters. Now that I had roughly 500m to invest in a house, I intend to host a lot. I had my first day today and had sooooooo much fun with everything. I'm glad that I finally found a community that I'm happy to be apart of!!
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