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    Eeey!!! I'm Skye, and I LOVE to host. You can always find me on discord and in-game come say hi !

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  1. Paradox has been a HUGE help for hosting. Whenever we need a host he is the first one to step up and help. You'd make a great addition to the team. Also if you'd like to join discord we'd love to talk to you we are in there daily. You mentioned that you hosted for 4 hours but you have 4 days. Thank you for your help so far +1 https://gyazo.com/d5f419d875ddcef7bd66a955b5aa9435
  2. Hey King nice to have you around. Already saw you in game a couple times glad to have you on the team. (:
  3. Krow is in discord daily, and has hosted for a bit @Troll how have you never seen him around lol. He was already given the HHT helper role for him to help out around. I worked with him the other day on some of the commands. It's an obvious +1 from me.
  4. Puddin has been active daily and is in voice chat daily. There is no doubt in my mind that he would be a great kick rank. +1
  5. Hey thanks for making a forums account. Hope to see you in game
  6. Hey Scissors! I saw you in game a couple times already, glad to have you on board. You already did join our discord calls a couple times it's nice to talk to you
  7. Hi Katie welcome aboard ! Looking forward to seeing you in game soon We are also active in discord daily so if you're looking to voice chat come join us!!
  8. Welcome back Zinzi !!
  9. Hey Kali, it's nice to see you join the calls once and a while! Hope to see you in game
  10. Lmaoooo welcome Madden you're definitely new here. I hope you can help with advertising and possibly try hosting for your first time. Add me in game FlutterSkye, Looking forward to seeing you in game xD
  11. Hey ! I'm glad you got a chance to sign up. I'm looking forward to seeing you hosting soon, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
  12. Hey song ?. Thanks for joining us, looking forward to seeing you in game soon!
  13. FlutterSkye


    Hi ;qsjdhs,bfdcqqjrwkg
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