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    Eeey!!! I'm Skye, and I LOVE to host. You can always find me on discord and in-game come say hi !

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  1. I do think that you're helpful in game and you try to host here and there which is always good. Like King Capone said try to keep unrelated drama out of the fc. Honestly I think you have a weird personality, but if you want to be a rank and work hard then i hope you get it. 0
  2. Bigorange is someone who is active in chat, always asking questions, always trying to learn more and she hosts here and there to help out. I think she is ready for a kick rank and it will allow her to progress further on her "altar journey" +1
  3. Hey, Singlehotdad nice to see you applying for a rank. You are quite active in 07 altar cc which is nice. You should join vc once and a while with all of the 07 ranks its a nice group to talk to ahaha. +1
  4. I'm gonna hard +1 this because sickfuq is someone who has changed a lot over the time that he's been here. Every single day he is in voice chat and he's joining raids with the 07 ranks and hes a nice person to talk to. He is definitely a good example of what a rank should be. +1
  5. These are the relevent screenshots, shredder wasn't able to post them because he only has access to mobile.
  6. Who are you requesting to be Deranked? Shawn Enjuku What is this player's current rank? Sergeant Based on the severity of their behavior, do you believe this player should be demoted one tier, have kick rank removed, or be deranked entirely? Deranked Entirely Global Rules - Which of the following Altar Community Rules do you believe this player has broken? None of the above. (Select this if this application is being filled out due to inactivity) If any of the above rules were selected, please elaborate and provide evidence as to how you believe the rule was broken. inactive Inactivity - Has this player been inactive for 4 months or more? Yes If yes, please state the last date you believe this rank was active. 01/01/17 Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share regarding this rank's behavior in the community? they type like 10 messages a year lol
  7. Hey Xerl, welcome glad to have you around. Most of the time it's usually a small thing like wrong world, wrong location, or wrong spelling. If you're still having trouble then ask in the altar fc and we can try and help. Happy training
  8. You've been in vc for a minute and havnt said anything about music yet hecking bruh what do you play lmao
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