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    Eeey!!! I'm Skye, and I LOVE to host. You can always find me on discord and in-game come say hi !

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  1. Hi Meno, I'm going to be completely honest because this is a rank app and it's meant for opinions and feedback. I've never had a positive interaction with you before. Every time you have something to say in rank chat its to be passive aggressive or rude. I also have never seen you in 07 altar before. I don't know what time zone you're in but never not once I've never seen you. as far as this goes ^ I disagree that it was a problem. It was during the monthly community meeting, and Altar made a decision and people had agreed on it in voice chat. No one said anythin
  2. Hey Xerl, welcome glad to have you around. Most of the time it's usually a small thing like wrong world, wrong location, or wrong spelling. If you're still having trouble then ask in the altar fc and we can try and help. Happy training
  3. You've been in vc for a minute and havnt said anything about music yet hecking bruh what do you play lmao
  4. Hey Liam. Saw you in a couple poh's. You've been good hosting and congrats on rank up btw. Glad to have you around
  5. Hey ! Glad you found us we are a great bunch haha, hope to see you in game soon
  6. Looks good Anarchy thanks for the help
  7. I saw you hosting the other day. Nice to have you around ! Happy Hosting
  8. Lol thats funny welcome to the forums tho bruh you're always active in 07 altar chat so see you there
  9. If it helps, I did 99 runecraft with f2p runespan only on my ironman LOL its worth a shot good luck bruh
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