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  1. +1, seems like friendly and helpful, definitely active... but for this question: What is one of the commands to unhost an unverified host from the House Host Tracker? !unhost -a (name) that is for VERIFIED hosts only... to unhost unverified hosts it is either !auh "user" or !proxyunhost "user"
  2. +1 but for the record: the command you entered for the question about unhosting an unverified host... there is: !auh "user", and !proxyunhost 'user" what you entered is only half correct for unhosting verified users
  3. +1 I think Anarchy will be a great addition to the ranks. Very friendly, and active and helpful!
  4. +1 I think bigorange would be a great addition. However in regards to one of the questions: " What is one of the commands to unhost an unverified host from the House Host Tracker? " There are a few ways to unhost an unverified host. That command is for unhosting verified hosts but it's half correct. Verified - > "!host -a @user" and !unhost -a @user Unverified - > !ah "user" world/town and !auh "user" Unverified - > !proxyhost "user" world/town ; !proxyunhost "user"
  5. Helpful in many situations, active on disc and in game, helpful with the tracker as well +1
  6. +1, was good player but that is abrupt and potentially lethal if that is not his account anymore
  7. I am happy to help out, it's gotta be a wholesome effort right? & I Appreciate the rank! Hope to see you there too ?
  8. Hello everyone, GSP Blunted here. I am a grand help to the altars scene and I love helping the people make their gains! Give sips and vis wax when I have it which is like always. Just wanna build up the community and help as many as I can. If you got questions, I'm sure I'll have answers
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